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Best app Ever. I can't tell you how much I Use Like Appreciate and Rely on my flashlight. I am a Believer and Highly Recommend it for a Host of Uses. Bravo to the Brains behind the Light. Not bad

Very easy to use. I need I very occasionally at work, when I go outside after dark to search for something. Much better than searching for a flashlight in the maintenance room. Works great

Super bright! And I love the switch. Makes me feel like I'm using a real flashlight Superb!

went home got some water but the water didn't have enough oxygen to clear so I brought it to my room and put it by the TV and laid down watching vids on Snapchat then thought about the water so I flashed it and seen it was clear and then I tried to find flashlight but I couldn't find it on my phone so I got this app cuz it was the first one I seen and I used it to grab my water without getting up I drank it and sat it down with the flashlight then found out it flashes but haven't tried it yet but I'm thinking about it idk naw I'll watch YouTube or something Surprisingly

I love the flashlight app. Had it on my last phone, a Motorola-Droid, where it was much easier to access than it is on the new Samsung Galaxy 9. You just had to shake the phone twice to turn it on, instead of the three stage procedure of 1. Finding the app. 2. Opening the app. 3. Sliding the virtual switch. Good

I'm changing my rating. Since I installed this on my new phone, I get pop-up ads that require me to force stop that app and relaunch. This is very annoying as in most cases when I launch the app I really need a flashlight. This was 5 stars as it worked on my old phone, only 3 stars with the ridiculous full screen popups. Good

Love this light.used it for a long time on my other phone. Tried a different app and doesn't compare to this it attached other things to my calls and was not happy. I definitely recommend this to my friends.. I'd give it a 10 if I could Perfect!

Very functional and best free light out there other big one at top hijacks ur phones lock screen n pumps ads on it and u can't get rid of it. This is the simple, functional, easy on/off only thing that'd be a slam dunk is an on/off switch u can activate directly from icon on phones home pages... competition has this but again they hijack ur lock screen w/ ads. Just wow

Simple to use. Has been alife saver several times. One of my must have apps. Only problem is it shuts off to easily. If you accidentally barely touch the screen. Screen should lock except on switch area. Good

Didn't state whether wanted location nor other probative information. If it's gathering such info, I will be deleting; otherwise, great flashlight app! Cool

I've just installed it definitely will be using it I'm light sensitive due to genetic condition but I'm also partially sighted this app is easy to use and has just the right brightness to not affect my light sensitivity definitely love it Omg

Well overall it's a pretty nice app..... There is just one problem..... light starts blinking after a while....... Please fix it Perfect!

My phone, oddly enough, didn't have a flashlight app already so...this was one of the first free flashlight apps in the play store so, why not. Some ads can be a small buzzkill but not overbearing. It's simple and easy to use. I'd recommend to anyone that needs a flashlight app Omg

I am in the middle of a power outage right now due to a storm. I am SO thankful I got this app! Worth it!

My 4yr old son was afraid to go to the bathroom in the dark and i didnt want to get up from our cozy spot so i just flipped this app on and it lit up the whole room so bright he didnt even need to turn the light on. Thanks for saving our night! Great!

There are several features i like about this app. My favorite is It does not want access to everything in your phone! The app opens with the light off, and the interface is very simple. There are abfew advertisements, but thats ok by me. Good

Although it says super bright,it is still the same level of brightness as your default torch thingy. I personally like this because it has that virtual way of switching an actual torch and the strobe light setting is so cool. Thank u for developing a great working app Must have

Grand baby in picu. This app helped me so much from cleaning her up to find things in the dark and keeping Me from hurting myself. Love this app. Just wow

A nice simple easy to use app for when you need more than a simple flashlight,could be very handy for when you breakdown on a dark highway at night. Awesome

I think the "flashlight" app is a very good and useful app,and I utilize it on many occasions,So that is why I gave it a 5 star rating...and I normally don't do those rating yea I obviously like it very much so. Marvelous

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