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Great game This is like a modification of flappy bird. A lot out thought was put into this definitely worth it.

Super Bats Good flow and doesnt require much memory, good game to have on the tablet for my son.

Cool! This is a so cool game! The game is really nice and easy to play. It's a really well game for killing time. And took me lots of fun. Love it so much!

Fun game Very fun game, have a nice art and colorful graphics, responsive gameplay with a lot of different enemies on the screen, some cool "tech" upgrades, very challenging. i really enjoyed it.

Alright Flappy Bird clone Super Bats - Ninja Knockout is a good attempt for a Flappy Bird style game. The graphics are good except for the multicolored circles which represent powerups that fly around the logo. The game innovates on the Flappy Bird concept by adding enemies that you can defeat as well as the powerups such as the Force Field and the Radar System.

Review Super Bats - Ninja Knockout is a very addictive game and well structured. The gameplay is simple yet amusing and the thrilling game with bats who have to fight ninja to protect the cities makes it even more interesting. One of the things that seem to be interesting as well is the fact that you can make progress and unlock powers throughout the game.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED A Simple games with an addicting mechanic. It’s frantic, and it’s pretty addictive. It's still very much worth looking at and should be held as the higher standard. Super Bats - Ninja Knockout is a fun game that just seems natural on the Android. It just works.

Very Challenging! This game has a lot of enemies that you must contend with other than just flying through obstacles! Some of them can help you while others can destroy your little flying bat. A Nice Change!

Great game! This is a entertaining game. Its a great challenge with all of the enemies shooting at you and such. Its kind of like flappy bird but with a lot more of a challenge to it.

Nice game! This game is very fun and colorful, perfect for spending a bit of time and potentially addictive for those who are looking for a good level of challenge. Recommended!

Good An interesting and enjoyable game. The graphics are beautiful and colorful. The design of the characters are great. I love it.

Chaos conquer For every step I move, it's exciting , there is no distraction a just kill my enemies and win, great philosophy.

Fantastic game awesome game, has very good animations, design and have multi bats characters that I can unlock with playing and collecting points. have good logic and sound effects and make the user do fast reflects to avoid collision avoid shots from down enemies. Good design and good graphics. Fantastic game.

great flappybird clone there are so many clones of flappybird but this one is very interesting with a lot of new added features. the graphic is good as well. I like it

funny game This app's UI is really beautiful.I think it like flappy bird,but more funny than it.i just need to tap the screen to control the batman fly throungh the pipes and avoid hit the enemy.I found i can not stop myself to play this game when i statr it.

Challenging and fun This game is very good and fun,its game graphics is very beautiful, but control is a bit difficult.Flying bats need to avoid obstacles,but also to fight Ninja.Very exciting and challenging,I like it.

Awesome! It’s one of the best game I've ever played. Super bats is really very cool, addictive and fun. It’s just like flappy bird but this game is so much better than flappy bird. Highly recommend.

Good This game is really fun and amazing. It is similar to flappy birds but much easier. I love this game very much. It is a great time killer. Really challenging. Highly recommend.

Mastor Wepe Geat Apps,. The idea of super powers up is amazing. I will describe this game as simple, easy but way too much fun. It deserves five stars. I love it

awesome This is really awesome game. Gameplay of this game is very addictive and engaging. Game is full of fun and joy.

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