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It's great! By virtue of GPS, it is aware what time sunrise and sunset are, and how much safe time remains. It tracks gazing times beautifully, but hides times that are not greater than any previous time. The timer is pre-set to the longest time you've gazed for, and increases by tens. The alarm can be set for music and vibration. I agree with another reviewer that it would be nice if there was a built in journal. I love it, all the same.

The idea is good, but... Whenever I start the sun gazing timer and my phone locks the screen, there's no alarm to notify me when the gazing time is up. I have a Samsung Note 4..anyone else with the same problem?

Nice app I was surprised to see that there is an app for sun gazing . Great job! I although have a bug when trying to edit "sun gazing start time ". :)

An amazingly organized app Looks well done, organized to help those in all stages of gazing. Only thing missing is a UV index and it would b perfect. Put that in and I'll give it 5 stars.^_^

Works on HTC EVO 3D, also... Was wondering what the 3 dots are for in the top right of the home screen. Sometimes they are green sometimes red?

Very good There is a small timer problem which displays 3 instead of zero.. That has to be rectified..other than that, great app!

Pozdrav Damire ja se javuvam od Makedonija. Aplikacijata e dobra,ama nema autolocation i ona za sunset i sunrise termini. Koristam galaxy S3 i ne znam kade e problemot.

Perfect!! This ap is great. Works perfect on my samsung note! It would be nice if it had a diary option built in so i could journal my thoughts.

Great app! Many thanks for this great app, I use it as my main organizer and stopwatch and it's great!. Recommend to download Sungazing Organizer APK.

Great app Many thanks for this great app, I use it as my main organizer and stopwatch and it's great!

#apps-for-calendars Bravo! Bravo Damire bas to mi je trebalo. Hvala ti na ovoj sjajnoj aplikaciji. Zelim ti sve sunceve benifite.

So exciting. I have been doing research on sungazing. Super excited to start practicing. This looks perfect. Thanks!

Samsung Note Looks like exactly what i need, however doesn't open on Samsung Note, what a pitty!

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