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It is very easy game but there is taking more and more coins and diamonds there way it is hard game. Well done!!

بازی عالی ولی الماس مخواد زود زود Omg

خوبه میشه تهملش کرد به نظر من برای بچه های 5تا 7 سال به درد میخوره نه 10 تا 13 سال. ممنون فروشگاه Worth a go!

باز یه خوبیه ولی به مرور زمان تکراری می شود بعدشم الماس می خواد و باید کلی با بازی اش بازی کنی برای همین ۲ ستاره کم کردم Well done!!

The mini games are awesome, but the rules for the game are not in the right order. Please fix this bug, because it is very confusing when I'm trying to play and mess up because of the rules. Not bad

Play for one hour morning 3 hours night love it you should install it Superb!

Helping I loved it but a bad thing it is to play mini games they will ask for diamonds! Or they can give diamonds instead of play mini games. So that much of MB will be less. And I can install other but other games are stupid. Don't think bad If I can make this game super I would surely make it. THANK U!!!!!!! BRAVO KIDS MEDIA (BKM) Go well

It is a super game.It will give knowledge that how to help the one who had fell to the pool.Its cooool. Omg

It's a great game you don't have to pay for anything it's just that you need diamonds and coins for every level Brilliant

So awesome and I do love it so much like I actually thought that it was better than any other games with best graphics and controls I'm so far it's great and great but I like this game so much that's awesome Amazing!

You need to play games to earn diamonds but when I got to the third level I did not like it cause I could not get there and they do not have that many games all the games are boring Awesome

By Mayas This game is so amazing i and 10 year old and I have a 3 year old and she loves this game Cool

? I love the game but u have to play the mini games they should at least put some more mini games Well done!!

Cute Its a cute game and you have to play mini games to get diamonds and I love to collect diamonds and also I think it doesn't contain any ads !!!.':-) :-) :-) love you bravo kids !!! Great job

Ummmm... Wow would a teen seriously want this?! Well i am 7 and I am playing it...i am a girl but I am using my dads account and my real name is Abigail Renee Paladino.. Call me Abby. Amazing!

Summer pool party doctor I really want to play this game, coz I never played this game before. So I just installed it. Well done!!

I love it I have a 6 year old friend and it keeps her occupied while I am in my own world. wow lol


Its ok From. My Sister she like it but I didn't like it I am giving 5 stars from sister but I will give only only 1or 2 stars not more than 2 or 1 from America thanks Surprisingly

it was ok it is a nice game but the game is very slow it sticks a lot fix that and i will give u 5 stars Flawless

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