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very good graphics and action but... one thing that annoyed me was that if the game is over than we have start from beginning!also other thing was that if any players health finished, the player is unavailable for permanent until next game..... plz update with these two things fixed! otherwise very addicting game! Perfect!

very good graphics and action but... one thing that annoyed me was that if the game is over than we have start from beginning!also other thing was that if any players health finished, the player is unavailable for permanent until next game..... plz update with these two things fixed! otherwise very addicting game! Just wow

Its a great game, dont get me wrong! But with a few more characters and some map improvements it would be perfect! MORE CHARACTERS! MORE MAPS! MAKE IT HAPPEN! My 5 Stars are yours until January 1 2017. If not updated with new maps and characters then im going down to 3 Stars. I Still love the game though. Muito bom!

It is a great game. All the crazy ness is awesome. But it gets boring just facing waves. WB really should add some more features like missions, com op multiplayer, characters,and other things. Then it will be greatest. Love it! Cool

Awesome game but... Gameplay is really cool and very smooth I should add. But the only problem I'm having is I can't see the enemies because its too dark and enemies are too hard to spot from a distance. Make them a little more visible so that I can play as deadshot more. Just wow

The sounds and graphics are good but the gameplay gets repetitive fast and you can only play as 3 characters in just a handful of locations. Aside from the endless fighting, there really isn't much to the game content/feature-wise. Still a good time-waster though. Must have

It was cool and all until it geta boring. Dont get me wrong i love the game. Its a great tome killer but when you've through all the places it starts to get boring. I don't know if your taking suggestions or something but it would be totally cool if you can make this into sa multiplayer game. Like you know mili militia or bomb squad. Wherein you and your friend can team up via local network and go through the level together. Also pls add a few more places. All in all its a great game. Good graphics too. I'll give it 5 stars if it becomes a multiplayer kinda game. wow lol

What The H!!! I really enjoyed the movie so much that when I seen the game and got excited. Well that was until it didn't finish loading after I hit play. It freezes everytime I hit play. I really want to try this game out. Please try and fix this issue as I'm very interested and excited to play this game!!!!!! Yours Truly Georgey Johnston (Mark's Wife.) Just wow

Game gets stuck after taking a second powerup of *Increase clip size and fire reserves* and doesn't proceed until you reset the game. That's something that is really bad because all your progress gets lost. Otherwise, overall the game is great! Great!

Amazing This game is awesome i love it play it all the time...but i would enjoy more characters, waves, new outfits, different game types such as survival or something? BUT THIS NEEDS MORE CHARACTERS FOR FREE IT MUST HAPPEN... Pretty good

BEST GAME EVER Thnks for this game! i really love it and pls soon add multiplayer more for other device to control the other Characters and pls add Killer Croc(Punch Attack),Katana(uses her Ktana blde),enchantress( uses magical powers) and Joker Please! i hope this will be made for the Nxt update Thank you so much Ilove you guys Works perfectly

Suicide Squad is awesome I really like this game because you get to play the game to the film and i watched the movie twice at the movies and enjoyed the movie. The only problem is that they should add more characters like Katana, Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc Muito bom!

Fking fun as fk!! This game is really awesome! I like the game play and how you can choose what characters. But this games way of playing is like the black ops zombie mode don't you think? Tbh I like it I just would like to change the way u get to be any character. Why don't you let the players choose while they are playing in combat? It would make things so much better but I guess that's in my opinion. Other than the lags when there are too many enemies around , nothing seems to be a problem you did a great job but + more! Not bad

really good game but.. I like this game so far. Good graphics, hard and interesting. I gave it 3 stars because of those three reasons. Two were missing because first, it needs more characters. Actually, sometimes it is boring because of only 3 characters to play with. Second, it doesn't have a story line or anything like that. Just endless waves of killing as it gets harder. I really hope you would improve it, Thanks! Superb!

Samsung gs6, great game and graphics Love the game super addictive, graphics are great but really starts to lag after wave 10 and makes it hard to play. I do wish there was a wider selection in characters as well but other then that its a great way to kill time and bad guys wow lol

I love the game but... I love the game, I really like playing to it and I'll keep it in my phone for a long time but there are some things I don't like about it and I think they can be better. In first place: the change of view. I like the 1st view but I prefer to have the decision tu change between the first and the third view, which I like more. In second place: There are just three characters;Diablo, Harley Quinn and Deadshot. It would be the best if you could add more characters like Katana or Boomerang. Awesome

Love It It is probably my favorite mobile game! I say this because it has great gameplay and the auto shooting suits this game because it is not console! I don't care what other people say but this is the best mobile game ever! But it would be great if you could make a campaign. And possibly a multiplayer. Keep up the great work. Again I love the game! Enjoy it!

I just loved it.. This game is a nice game for time pass.. Also it's a nice shooter game but I would rather recommend this a five star game if this feature would be added that if we die then we start from the same wave. Another thing is that pls add some more characters. Amazing!

But!# It's a great game but after a week or two the game doesn't load properly. I was annoyed so I uninstalled it. I hope you fix the bugs and add up some characters.. really looking forward to downloading this game again. Still waiting for some new characters Great!

Good game, very good! But I think you should try covering the whole story of Suicide Squad in another game or in this game. I also think that there should also be other characters. If you did that, no one will be able to stop this game from getting into the list of the greatest games in the world! MARK MY WORDS!!! And again, Very good game. wow lol

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