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Not bad but it would be nice to have an upbeat background music in the gameplay perhaps? Omg

I finished all 160 level, please update new level coz I'm addicted with this game Perfect

Thank u for coming out with new levels. They r AWESUM! THIS GAME IS AWESUM! Was going into withdrawls waiting... lol! Omg

If your game pieces moved in the direction your finger is moving I would give it a 5. But those game pieces go in opposite directions. Highly Recommend.

I absolutely love this game. Challenging enough to keep you going. Graphics are great. I hope that they continue with additional levels. My go to game. Great job

I am having a lot of fun with this game. It is different from many of the other match-3 type of games! Worth it!

Offers just enough of a challenge to be a great stress reliever. Is also cute and entertaining. Marvelous

Levels 1-100 were pretty easy. When levels ended, I wrote to the company asking when there would be more levels, to which they responded a few weeks. Took longer than that but it was ok, as the levels 101-130 were a little more challenging. Tried for a dang week to get through level 130 and had to actually buy coins to finally finish. Now that I finished, game upgraded and now more levels to play. Happy they're keeping up with the levels! Just wow

Hard but makes you keep trying g even if on one board for a long time just to prove you can get it done! Pretty good

Wonderful game, colors and graphics are amazing, not to mention the cute characters. Go well

I don't know what happened but the game fixed it self and i just finished all the levels Fantastic

Game is really cool until u get stuck . The game crashes every time i use my coins I buy for five extra moves . Therefore I'm U.N. installing it. It also crashes after every level I pass goodbye game love it

I get lost in the fun of this game. Not only is it an excellent time killer, but also keeps you entertained with the story line Highly Recommend.

A little more challenging than before the update after level 130. Actually took me 5 tries to get through Fantastic

Excellent game. But I cleared all 130 levels and I cnt gt to continue. .cause it's not opening to go to other level. Need help on dat one please Marvelous

I loved this game!!! It was driving me crazy waiting on new levels. Thanks for adding more. Surprisingly

Love this game... Co!ors, graphics are awesome... But, consistently kicks me off... Works great

I think the reviews should be higher. No problem with this game. Thanks for the update. It is helping on the hard level. Good game. Thanks for the 30 new levels. Still a great game Highly Recommend.

Needs a way to get more coins . Without buying ! Can't play long time no money ! ! ! Great!

Fun Game but...Dont dwnload unless your wanting to waste real $! Sad cause this is a fun game! I'm going to have to uninstall now cause I have 5 coins like hows that goin help? So these developers PlayFun Co.,Ltd needin $ bad Ig...I mean I can play the levels over and til I have a streak of Luck but not goin play one lvl. 50 times over and over plus I see one review saying they only have a 100 lvls. So Recommend

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