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I think it's amazing! It's fun, and it kinda feels like building your own world in real life! Not bad

OK I like it but you know what I noticed the it said that you need to build your own word not them so everyone who said is bad is because you don't want to build noting for your own .ohh I forgot to said the I like it is very cute and fun to play and addict because I can stop building thing thank you some much Omg

That this free game is really cool really cool i just love it i just want to eat chocolate and candy and suger Thats really cool who ever made this really cool free suger girl game its really really cool so cool thats really cool i like it i just love it. Muito bom!

It kinda sucks cuz theres no inventory, so every time you want a new block you have to go back to the block menu and even that needs to be unlocked by watching ads! Marvelous

It reminds me just of sugar rush from wreck it Ralph and vanellope!!! So cute and awesome! Highly Recommend.

It was very boring and there were no things to do really, so please listen and don't waste your time getting this app Highly Recommend.

If you want the ads to go away switch off your data or Wi-Fi there will just be a black screen for a little while. Works perfectly

It was like a real candy world with all you can eat I love this game its so epic and spectacular and amazing and wonderful and so so happy and friendly and so epic and loveble. Works great

It is a very fun game except for the lag and ads the control can use some improvements but overall its a great game Highly Recommend.

I am so addicted to it but I would like to be able to make the people actually come in your house Amazing!

It's kind of like Sugar Rush except like Minecraft you could date guys and instead of buying it with your own coins in Min I would highly recommend it it's a very fun game you could buy sets by watching ads and you can date people and build stuff it's kind of like Minecraft but kind of like sugar rush to have fun! Fantastic

It's really fun to play. You can design your own chatacter! But, I only gave it 4 stars cause it's really laggy when you go to your world but after like 5 minutes, the lag stops. I also like it cause you can fly! Marvelous

It's ok but I can't play mine craft so I just play this.. This is a bad review... Worth it!

This game just similar to minecraft,but this game is so sweet and the ponies are so cute! If there any peoples that don't like this game,they will regret one day... Superb!

It is ok but when i made a big house or hotel i clicked a wrong button and it was deleted.But i can build a new one.But i am still deleting its ok.Keep up the good work Works perfectly

I tink the app is great but I do ng lime having to watch adds before getting the block you want. Also I would love it if there were more buildings because on the photos it says explore the endless world and there are only like TWO buildings in the whole world. So it would be great to have more buildings and less adds please. Other wise these are pretty cool apps. ☺ 5 star

I love this game its just like mind craft but its suger and its super fun this game is as sweet as its creator Works great

I love this game it's is fun and so cool. P.S Maggie Boulton you need to read more Perfect

Well its the best its normal like Minecraft so maybe its just you're d device witch is the BORING!!! Surprisingly

Game watch me makes me want to eat candy I want that so bad he's like oh my God I need that oh my God I need oh my God Great!

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