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Easy to use. I love trying to beat the daily challenges. Very simple but effective game. I like how there are a few hints. And if you are really struggling you can watch ads to get more. It encourages you to try to puzzle it out yourself first. Superb!

Great app for sudoku if you want to play long term or hop in for a partial game then come back to it. Only thing I am unclear on is if I pay to remove ads if it will remove the videos in-between games along with small ad banner on bottom. In-game shows "Remove Banner Ads" option if you pay. Would recommend wording "Remove All Ads" if it does remove all. I would only pay if it does both. But for a free game, its great and worth the download. Edit after developer reply--------- I appreciate the very quick response to this. Always nice to see a developer staying on top of their product. Plan to purchase the upgrade. May want to add (unless I didnt see it) a "Contact us" for support and questions. Food for thought. Keep up the good work! (2 Thumbs up) Fantastic

Great game, ad placement is terrible though. It's right below the numbers so if you try to go quickly you hit them and it opens in a new tab. It is frustrating as a user, and it probably leads to misleading click through statistics for the advertisers as well. Awesome

Very touchy controls. Good consistent levels of difficulty. Enjoyable sudoku platform. On paper one can cross out the digits when each nine have been found. Perhaps one can do that here? Just wow

I was never able to reason through the puzzles in the paper. With this game app was really thetool I needed to get my reasoning skills kicked into high gear. Fabulous!

Can you please move the hint button or ask for confirmation or let me switch hints off? I hit it too many times by accident when going for 8 or 9 and it feels pointless finishing a board after I got a hint I didn't want. Also I would like to be able to change the background colour of cells to two different colours when I know they have to be one of two options and nothing else can go there. Great job

Addicted. Love the fact that it's portable (via phone) and I don't have to carry my Sudoku books! Great fun, when waiting for an appointment too! Highly Recommend.

This is the best sudoku app I've come across. It tells you if the number conflicts with another and helps by pointing out the number you want to point out. It is easy to use as well. Thanks Surprisingly

Really like this app! My only complaint: I think there should be an easier way to pick what kind of "New Game" I want to play. As soon as I finish and see the game's statistics, it gives an option for a new game, but not which level. I have to wait till a new one starts, then change the level. Muito bom!

Love the clean UI, and daily challenges. Changes I would recommend are highlighting or disallowing any notes I input that are already canceled out, and giving time penalties for accidentally filling in an incorrect square. Mistakes still give valuable info in this app! Good

The only thing bad about this app is the ads between every puzzle. Other than that it's plain and simple, what I was looking for. Great job

Like the pencil feature. Ads are placed to attempt to get you to inadvertantly download advertised apps, which is annoying. Otherwise, good Suduko game. Worth a go!

Used to hate this game since numbers arent my thing but i finally figured it out. Great game Omg

You need to chill with the ads a bit. Not everyone has a gazillion bandwidth quota as you. Wasted mine just to download their ads. Cool

This is an awesome Sudoku app with lots of variety! The ads are annoying but I suppose ads in a free ap are par for the course. Good

I gave up on sudoku apps quite a while ago as I didn't like how they played. Very glad I decided to give this one a try really like it. If I could wave a magic wand and change anything about this app there's only one minor thing I would change and that would be allowing the pencil to make both regular and bold marks. Perfect

Nice easy to use app with more than enough puzzles to pass the time. My only (very minor) issues are - I'd like to be able to turn the timer off. I'm not bothered about speed but I find I'm competing with myself which I don't want to do. Also, once I've filled in all of a particular number, it would be nice if that one at the bottom became more opaque so I know I've done it. Otherwise, I enjoy it and the ads don't annoy like in some games Go well

Game is ok, could use highlighting depleted numbers. The real obnoxious thing is the final fantasy ad/minigame: sometimes it does not have a close button, and will run before and after doing a dayly challenge. Great job

There are better versions out there... Unless I am missing something, the inability to pencil mark a certain number in multiple blocks without going back to 'home base' every single time is 'time' consuming. Must have

The only thing I'm not pleased with is that when you have used up a number it doesn't take it out of play. Otherwise it is very pleasant to play. Flawless

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