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Enjoyable. Its really enjoyable to try and beat your high score every time you beat it. My current score is in the 230,000 thousands. Favorite app on my phone. Also, a tip in the game is that I wouldn't buy anything so whenever you find something you'd like to really buy, you will more than likely have enough coins. That's what I did, and boy, I have over 100 hover boards Now! Anyways, I recommend this to everyone! (Unless you rage quit games easily!) Perfect!

This game is great to me because of the graphics and all of characters like dino and you can get him if you link your facebook account to subway surf that's all thank you Pretty good

I have fun playing with this game My brother plays this game a lot and is always fond of it. The characters in tis game are very interesting and the boards help to give the game a boost. Thank you ''KILOO" for makings such a nice and awesome game. Brilliant

I think Its a pretty cool game but its doesnt wow me to say that its a awesome game, my favorite. ITS NOT AWESOME. Fabulous!

Really passes the time. Once you start playing your interest will grow once you understand how to maximise the experience by completing missions and making your chances of bettering your top run everyday easier. Love it! Great!

THIS GAME IS awesome eversince I got the game it entertains me ALL THE TIME I ABSOLUTELY❤ Recommend

Love it so much get it please please get it the only thing is I wish there was more stuff that didn't cost real money but great game! Get it ! Go well

This is such a joyful game. My brotger play it a lot and he enjoy the game whenever he starts playing. Whosoever has made this game, was also enjoying while making the game, that's why it is a joyful and a great game.... I loved it Cool

It is addictive.if you see me ,all the time im watcging videos and this game is just like videos!Thank you so much to the perso who made this game! I realy appreciate it Marvelous

It's a fun game. Really enjoy. I do wish they would give a reward of like 25,000 coins for making it to 1 million points though, that would be great Just wow

Namaste I am from Nepal and i would like you to keep another update place of Nepal . Thankyou .. game is amazing game loved it.. To all surfers team... Good

This game is a classic android game and I absolutely love it, its good when you get new city's to run in and there quite a few characters to get, my only problem is that some of the characters have ridiculous ways to get them like having to get like 300 guitars to get spike and also it gets a bit repetitive after you play it a couple of times in a row. Marvelous

I'm ganna have to put three stars on it cuz I mean..the games OK but its just to complicating for me. Perfect!

Hey is a real addiction but...when i spend on extending the magnet power or the booster it still consumes very has to be its full on Recommend

No word to explain this game of sub way surf Please make new update of India thank you kiloo Fantastic

I love this game. It's fun and challenging. There are no losers in Subway Surfers. Yes, kids would love if too. I'm only 51.!! Enjoy it!

It is a good game just Sometimes when I double up It says loading ad then it just Throws me out of The Screen Pretty good

I like playing Subway Surfers cuz it's my favorite game I'd be my brother Nicholas in it a bunch of times wait hold on Subway Surfers Subway Surfer Good

I chnge my reiwe..full game buffr nt run proprly .i willing to ply bt gme nt run plz fix this ..i wnt to ply .. Surprisingly

I love the game. Been loving it for years. I've been noticing alot lately though that when I watch the ad video to double up on my mystery box, it's not doubling my prize. Getting kinda frustrating and just not worth watch the ads anymore. Can you fix this? If not, I more than likely will delete the app and free up the space. Perfect!

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