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Like when you get fast and when you go fast there's no there's no part of it to win and it sucks I just I like the game I really do but I don't think that I don't like about it is that there's no there's no one there's no finish line there's no nothing you just don't win and you die and it gets super fast but yeah that's the only thing I don't like about it Worth it!

This game is so simple, yet it can get challenging. It's even fun to play while in public transport ! love it

You think if you have your Facebook added to the game if you get a new smart phone. Your info well transfer over the player you earn. And coins. But the don't so I won't ask my friends to play it till you fix this problem. Amazing!

This is a awsome, addicting, FANTASTIC GAME!! you will never EVER regret having this game! Its a fair and addicting game...once j play ut u wont stop! DOWNLOAD THIS SO IT CAN GET TO 1!! Surprisingly

I like this game very much but I think you should just cut down the prices on characters because it's hard to get coins.. Other than that. Its amazing! Great job

I like this game alot but I hate the fact that if you get a new device you have to start all over. Could you find a way so if you change devices you don't have to re-start the whole game? Great!

I love subway surfers Love the goal setting love the idea of getting to be able to get new characters The game is like a never ending story that keeps me busy amd never gets boring Keep up the the good work Brilliant

I don't like this game anymore because I had to delete it mind I I was logged in to my Facebook account before deleted and I bought some coins.. And I can't get them back or any of the characters plz fix this and you will get a better rating Enjoy it!

This game is so amazing! The awards, missions, and daily challenges make it so it will never get boring. Must have

Please help me. I reset my phone and this game had been deleted from my phone , now i downloaded this than this all the data of this game has been lost . Now i am again start on this game Muito bom!

I have been playing this for years and u mean years , i love this but there are many adverts in the game , so when you press to play you click on the advert if you didn't see it. Overall great game ! Go well

This is a beautiful game... I enjoyed it very much but sometimes the game control is worst... In other words it's a very wonderful game and good time pass also Works perfectly


this game is slightly good but it is lost its priority to me day by day. initially this game was awesome but now a days it seems to me boring, authority takes this game only for business purpose. after finishing level 30 i lost my patience to this game. it gave more ad. but not increase their game quality. so finally i take decision to uninstall this app to release the space of phone. Perfect

Sometimes, the game glitches and it's just very annoying when I have the super boots on and I jump on top of the train and then it glitches and the police catch me! Apart from that very good game but I think the company just needs to improve the graphics... Omg

I think that everything in the game is good except from the lack of updates. For example, Prince K has been the most expensive character for well over a year, so maby it's time to add some more characters. Apart from that... Highly Recommend.

It was my favourite game some years ago but now I have been experiencing some things when ever I see the add to double the price of mystery box it does not happen, after leven 25 the add have been increased when ever I lose a game add seems to be ready! I hope u all will do something abt dat... Besides this the game is all rite... Enjoy it!

The game its self is realy addicting and fun but i just wish they could add new stuff its the same place tokyo 3 years ago it was tokyo why cant they add new characters and a new theme place it gets boring just playing with same stuff from three years ago cmon im going to delete it until u guys add new stuff Worth it!

The only part I dislike is when one has to get a new phone or notebook the high score stays the same but u start at the very beginning. U loose all the characters u gave paid with coins Muito bom!

I love this game so mu rievew is good becase I play it every day no matter what. So I hope you like it. You well fall in love with this game. U will thonk abouy it all the time of. 5 star

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