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Instead of updating cities update same occuring of events. Same events same station same design only changed colour is your update. If any of the game developers are reading just look in this matter in next update instead of changing cities first. 5 star

It's a very good game to play my daughter loves to play this game and so do I sometimes I also play this game I have waited the game play Four Stars all the things for stars but only the ratings I give loved I really love this game when I installed it I thought it is very bad but I realized that it's so good games that I am falling in love with it. Amazing!

It is good. It is fun. But it is just so laggy and has a lot of bugs. I like this game, but I want Kilo (the creating company) to do a major fixing Surprisingly

I love this game..... it's so good ... and it is addicted too .it's missions are so good and amazing I think if anybody is bored plzz play this game . U will love it tooo Superb!

One of the best mobile phone game's i have ever played and i have played hundreds. But beware if you download this game expect to become fully addicted to it. Must have

The game is cool, however its doesnt always move to the lwft oe the right when swipe. A lot of times it will continue to go straight which causes me to die. I know its the game because its when I'm about to pick up something important or jump at a crucial point. Also this ismy 3rd phone and it does it on all phones. This error needs to be fixed. Great!

I'll give it 3stars because it lags a lot and playin is almost impossible on my phone(blackberry priv snapdragon 808)... I'll give it 5stars when developers optimize it... :) Flawless

I have been playing it since I was younger, And this has been a humorous experience for me. There also Is a crazy cop who Chases you All over The Globe! Highly Recommend.

Very fun and addicting (i was not payed to say this im being genuinenes) i've been playing this since i was 7 or 8 not a lot has changed other than the characters and graphics and some in game features Good

I like the game a lot. It's challenging in a good way!! Works perfectly

I love it so much it is the best fringint game i love it again the brotherhood specialist ahh Rhodri do unorthodox skidoo Togo Sirius dinghy refuge do thought Fu go go to go zed frustrated. Hideout is iffy Maria's Judith Hayek is mens just usurp infusion ignores pretty United's husband Gandhi huff got idled food food Tillamook. Idol issued t.v. horn Flawless

It is a running game and we get lots of fun and joyful game but when we play this game our phones were hang and our phones get very hot so please don't take any risk with your phone Muito bom!

I LOVE it ,it is truly a great game .I really suggest that if your thinking of installing it...install it , I can almost promise you that you will not be dissapointed in your disision. Its also a great time killer might I add , so long story short its an AMAZING game . Perfect!

Awesome control. Graphics are nice.Gameplay is nice.Very Awesome Game to play This subway surf was the best one.I have played mexico.Indonesia but this one is awesome I SUGEST YOU SHOULD INSTALL THIS SUBWAY SURF☺ Well done!!

Very fun! Its addicting, se be warned. Other than that, i havent noticed bugs. And the fact there isnt many ads anymore in great! Perfect

It's a great game! But however,the game constantly wants you to connect facebook. It every once in a while glitches. Good

I love this game so much, it's an amazing game and there's only ads sometimes. Sometimes it'll glitch and move the wrong way which is annoying, but that's probably only my phone. Overall, one of my favorite games! Omg

I really love to play subway surfers it's not like any other game I've played I enjoy it alot you guys should make more games kinda similar to this thank you for the wonderful experience Awesome

Why does my weekend word hurt disappears? If I'm playing the game then stop when I go back in about an hour it doesn't give me another word. Marvelous

Every time I get a mystery box the game freezes and I loose it and when I had a really good high score I was about to crash I tried to use a hover board and it didnt come/I still like the game but sometimes it is anoing Great!

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