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This game is awesome I've been playing it for years. The only negative thing about this game is when you switch devices you lose all your progress except for your high score you lose all your outfits all your players all your coins all your keys and any in-app purchases that you've made and in the many years that I've been playing this game I have not successfully found a way to restore any of those things that is the only downside to this game and you have to start all over when you get a new phone. Great!

Soo cool easy to play and the game has obstacles where its something were there is always a predicament or when it is a time taker it takes up the time that you want to pass by and super fun to play with all the cool characters and stuff but i do try to avoid the bonus kind of like helpers like boosts because they take away the originality of the game wow lol

I've played this game for many years about 3 or 4 it's very good I like it the first time like the first few times you do it and then it gets fun sometimes it gets a little aggravating cuz he died so easily but other than that it's a very nice game I really like it but you could use a few changes like you know instead of only having the keys to save him you could like have a how much like you could have it up there how many like you have to have a certain amount of coins like you have to have 500 coins with you to save him that would be a lot better then just the keys to save them but other than that I really like this game also I think you should have more than just nevermind it's okay I like this game so have a good day my Muito bom!

This app is amazing and fun yet very exciting. When I play this game time fly's when I'm bored or when I just wanna play. I give this app a big thumbs up.♥️❤️ Surprisingly

The power jumpers aren't registering with missions. I collected 8 power jumpers and only 1 was counted. Can you fix the problem. Can't move to the next mission. Worth a go!

Same thing Jason Thompson. Happens to me all the time on my phone. It's not that addictive because it's the same map on every update. There's no bosses or something. Amp the game up a little then I'll give it 5 star Recommend

This game is great! Only problem is the way the ads pop up. I was going to have a score of 40000 when an ad popped up and crashed my game. I went back in and every thing that was complieded got deleted. Surprisingly

Go ahead with you guys have been in touch with the kids are going out for dinner tonight but I'm not going to get any other day at work now that the first place and time to time the same thing with you cute your hair Muito bom!

This game is amazing but I would add that each game you get a key and lots of coins. Also some people might be playing in a different country than America and they would like to buy something but they don't have dollars Recommend

I love this game but it takes up a lot of space and when ever I get the Manet I die also its so in fair that other people can't see your scores just because you don't have Facebook other wise I rate this an OK game Great!

Overall a really good game gets boring after a while should have more things or game modes. Like only the jetpack runs with different obstacles er somethin Works perfectly

If you want to get a high score do the following 1. Get your battery percentage to 16℅ 2. When you think it's 15℅ swipe right Your character will leave the screen and you will still be receiving points. If it doesn't work well I don't know what to tell you. It worked for me. Surprisingly

I will give it 100 stars but I can't, so interesting game!! If we play it with interest it should might not seems you boring game and also it has Good graphics compared other related games to it and such a nice game it is Marvelous

I like this game but it is some times lost connection and can you fix that please i hate the ads always getting in my way and not fair and whan you do somthing it doesn"t do it can you fix that if not i might as delete this game and give up space for more better apps love it

this game you play your mind is not thiking about anythink just thinking the now okk yah its a good game but the special feauture of the was play every people not about children play man women girl student also so i think the game was great Worth a go!

This game is so addicting and i just love it so so much and the funny thing about it is that i actually teached my older sister how to play this game and when i first played this it just blowed my mind and how can someone make a batter game then this i bet no one can case this is just amazing wow everyone on Earth should play this game its amazing I'm still can not believe how good this game is I recommend everyone should play it hehehe Fabulous!

I enjoy this game very challenging and you even get excited by using your coins . I just wish it was a better way to get what you need and the characters. And it seems like you be getting a lot of coins but really don't. Fantastic

This is a great game. But I hate the most in this game is it don't have any game progress save future like when I play the game it only it only saves the highest points but does not save any special characters in the game so when I reinstall the game then all the character becomes reset this is I hate the most. Works great

Have enjoyed this game on and off for years! Sometimes the left/right swipe misses or is a bit laggy, but hasn't effected me in reaching high scores. Love the changing cities and unique characters! Recommend

I think this is a great game but collecting coins to get new characters is a pain. It takes to long.. I suggest a rare coin that gives you 1000 coins after you pick it up. Perfect!

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