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This game is so fun and addicting can't stop playing and the daily challenges are really cool

I love this game. I can't get up to my old score of almost 600k but I'm still trying. I love it.

Only issue was I had to reload the game and lost everything purchased including with cash.

I think this game is amazing. Good graphics,good controls. Its a really nice timepass

I think that there should be more power ups for critical moments and can't really use the top lane over the trains.. Overall it's a very nice game.. I adore it and everyday it's my passtime game.

I love how you can collect coins on your way and how you can get different characters and get high scores it's really good but I think the characters are really expensive, except from that it's absolutely amazing and great. Well done!!

It's an amazing game! But please make it fast when u have to update the app..........because after some time it gets too boaring and sometimes I just even stop playing the please make the updates fast plus this game hangs my phone sometime before it hanged my Samsung galaxy J7 prime and now again coz of this game my brand new"I phone"X is also hanged what shld i do i want an answer from kilo Perfect!

It's a Very nice game many people should start playing it and the game makers should make th start a little bit faster it's very slow it's very hard to get tothe top run and I just downloaded this game on Saturday the17th of March and I am the 17th one on the top run list Superb!

Subway Surfers is a great game. I had to drop it from 5 stars to 4 satrs due to having to start over everytime I get a new device. Smartphone do not last forever and compketing certain accompkishments are futile if I lose everything other than the High score each time I donload th app on a new phone. Please let the google store account save in-game advancements. 5 star

I find it really difficult to earn keys as they only come up on the run and mystery boxes once in a blue moon. You have to double the amount you spend every time so the odd keys you have are spent quickly. Brilliant

I love this game I love the way that you can get some characters for free and some clothes for free I like that but I would suggest for the game to have a few more lives because one life is not good enough and I can't get the keys all of the time because they always wake them in like 5 seconds so if you could actually get one more life like two lives that will be awesome Muito bom!

ok subway surfres please respond to this so today i didnt buy this chariter and i was saving up and i had 2mil coins and when i checked back i had none and i looked at my character and it bought. one for me and not the one i wanted Marvelous

I found subway surfer a good game but I just gave may be 3 or 4 stars because while playing it suddenly starts hanging and stops the game after it I find difficult to play. So. But it's a good game. Flawless

This game has fun challenges, and missions and you can purchase items w/real money or upgrade and buy some items with the games coins. Overall this game is super fun to play and try to beat others score. I also love all the different characters you get get and run with in the subway. Super fun and awesome!!!! Go well

I kept installing and uninstalling, then I kept going back to it. it's really fun but there a lot of ads when I tap to start and it takes me to the play store, please don't shove ads in my face when I'm trying to play Not bad

It would be nice if you could be a police or play with others.But manly it is a good game. I think more people would play if it was multiple players and if keys were not so hard to get and you could get them by waching ads.I would love to see this update in the future but this is a good app even without the update I hope to see soon.Plz do this update SO many more people would play. Marvelous

It's a good game but I want to tell let the developer reduce the number of coins correct Dino, Tricky and Guitar. It's too much. Why? 500 for UFOs. Please reduce it. Please the numbers of the UFOS DOWN PLEASR IT'S TOO MUCH Brilliant

Its adictive but if there could be some inprovments it would be even better. Like maybe adding a few characters in the game that would try and stop you from running away from the guard. Muito bom!

this is the most awesome game I ever played in my life. Thank you for making it .Subway Surfers is the best better than Geometry Dash because that's really cool cuz the subway surfers are super cool like the one with the really big hair looks like a DJ when I play this game and I play with the DJ I call him DJ Kali but he really has a different name he's really funny when he knocks out he's so handsome I love him so much don't tell anyone that I said that he he he Go well

I think Subway Surfers is one of the best that ha ever being made. The only time it is challenging is when you are trying to beat someone high score that is in the top run, other from that it is very easy to play. Just wow

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