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It IS AWESOME BUT it would be even better if you made the magnets take special stuff like the eggs and maybe letters but if you took the letters without touching them that would be too it Good

Very entertaining game. Only thing I don't get is the score of some guys. How they scored so high? Also there should be some end. Fantastic

Ive been playing subway surfers for a while but my bike race just finished so byee and oh a Blue Burst Better than a Purple Scar Must have

Well there's not much I can say about this game I MEAN I had this game for 3 years now and I'm finally rating but anyway this game is just a fun way to chill out Fabulous!

Bad game please delete this game I am it's particular Gamer so l do not like it because in this we do not make clan okay...... . . . . . . . . Go well

No complaints, fun, time consuming... Definitely double up on prizes as often as possible... Always use your hoverboards, its like a 2nd chance. wow lol

I loved It's Game because this game is very interesting. This game is say join Facebook Enjoy it!

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I love it game, but I miss some gifts in middle so please can you update in next version and I love more Easter eggs . Daily rewards and words after using net also.Tha game is not up to the mark. I will remove the game if it continues and problem is not resolved Worth it!

Why is it difficult to get daily challenge without using data? And one can't see other users scores without data. Can't that be possible at least for a week if one on it to her their records it shud be like that for the rest of the week. Most importantly subway surfers consume too much data. But wen updating every month and for that reason I humbly demand that this game company provide physical cash reward for those who are consistent for us to tell others who are asking us who subway surfers help. If we tell them benefits we derive I bet u more people who are lover of games will wanna be part of subway. Trust me.... Tnx in anticipation Works great

It's amazing game but I miss the mystery boxes collecting while running can u plz update in next version. Not getting daily words and rewards after using net also. The game is not upto the mark. I will remove the game if problem is not resolved. Brilliant

This game is BRILLIANT! But quite difficult. Sometimes I try and slide but instead I roll????? Maybe if the controls were less sensitive???? Also, jackpot I never ever get. I really want the teleporter but I can't get enough coins and I've been playing for AGES! Otherwise, brilliant game always fun. Time consuming.Thank you! Amazing!

I play on the top of the trains for extra skills and longevity!! I do flips and jumps even wen it not needed to get trophys and win keys or special prizes i play for hours an been playing for years 5 star

Great game. Only thing is that I haven't seen Ireland or Dublin come up yet. Been playing for a few years now Not bad

I play it every week just to get the top run in the U.S. its super high speed and I love how it trains you to react faster to sudden situations. I find it addictive Muito bom!

i 'be been playing for 2 years. I had to reset my android and lost my totals. I,m about halfway back to my previous totals. I love subway surfers. I love this game and, with each new city, the graphics get better and the scenery makes you want to go there. The Iceland scenes are fantastic. Thanks. love it

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This is an amaing application and has lots of features to it. I think its really good for little kids and to get away from the world if your feeling down. 5/5 Great!

well....this game us just so entertaining n awesone.....i just loved it......keep up the good work.....all the best Good

Simple and fast paced game, yet dun and interesting, but i think you should add some features that can make players save their progress, for exame when they want to change their phone. Overall, the best!! Marvelous

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