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Fun, Fun, Fun! Subway Surfers is an Awesome game. Which can be addicting or solve bordem problems. You can travel the world, earn money and dodge subway trains and an officer with his dog. This game is fun and you can even play against your friends.

Awesome One of the best games ever played :D but now a days, the game seems to get stuck at some places... hope this update fixes this issue.. Cheers :)

Awesome:) I love this game. It's really fun and when I'm bored I can just play it, especially when I don't have wifi. But sometimes I don't touch the screen and it just moves left or right. Maybe it's my phone. Never mind, keep up the good work!

Amamzing I like that I don't have to start from the beginning when I crash. Coins and marks are saved. It's like having infinite lives. Makes you addicted.

A model phone game! Fun to play in short bursts, has micro transactions but you don't feel you're missing out if your don't buy. In short, it's a perfect game to kill time with - kudos!

Good but.... Other than the racial undertones embedded in each character (Fresh carrying a radio, etc.) It's a great game.

I love this game I can play this game all day and night n not get tired I'm addicted to this game y'all...loving Subway Surfers try it out for free

Both me and my 5 year old daughter love this game. Lots of fun and semi-challenging, highly recommended for any age.

Subway Surfers is so addictive nd fun but playing it too much will make u stressed d tired but its worth it after a while

Can't update Subway Surfers!!!! I've tried more than ten times downloading and installing update but it won't install, "error 961" message appears! Please help!!!!

Got this game for the grandkids to play on the Kindle in the car. Helps pass the time and keeps the arguing down. They are learning to share, thankfully.

I love Subway Surfers it's just the places i hated Vancouver they really need to stick to one place

Still the same error . The character in Subway Surfers doesn't move while running along with the police n dog . They're all just frozen like a wooden log.

I love how it's always different themes and you get to pick costumes and you always gets to do challenges thanks for reading!!!

Addictive :-)! Very addictive game, love it. Wish we had the option to change to different cities, I still give 5 stars. New high score today 3868830 yaaa me!. Recommend to download Subway Surfers APK.

BEST GAME EVER!!!! I love how you can play against Facebook friends! Its an amazing game and I highly recommend u download it!!!! Who ever doesn't like it us stuiped!!! I'm mean.. what's not to like???!?!

#playing-a-game Addicting!! Great game! A must have app! Wish to have: more effects, features, and character add ons

Great game.! Run and avoid obstacle while collecting coins. Simple games are often the best and this proves it with easy addictive gameplay. Thanks

#runner-game It is not working! Your game is not working properly on my xperia arc s phone the moves like up, down, left, right, double click Like to the next few days you should update the game and it should work properly on my and all of us phone So please update your game By the way your game is best but not moves

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