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I still love this game! Like others have noted, when I have attempted to update the game myself, I lost everything. However, when I let the game update itself, I was able to retain my high score, coins, etc. I have noticed that on occasion, it will lag or nor respond to my touch but overall, I still love this game. It is addictive, challenging and a lot of fun to play. I do wish there were more opportunities to collect free keys. It would also be nice if we could use cooing to purchase outfits. Anyway, It's just a great game!

Moto G, high score not uploading I'm using Moto G android 4.4.4 and not able to submit high score, there's no problem with facebook login, still it's not working! Please fix this asap...

Good game It's a good game,I would have given it 5 stars but when I play it some times it lags so can you please get it fixed

Not 5 stars anymore The game will fully load but won't go to the hone screen of the game because it forces close. I have an HTC One SV btw.

It's awesome The game is great but sometimes it lags quite a bit. I love it though :-) Also whenever I update the game it deletes some of my coins and keys.

Subway surf A awesome. Game I love it I do have to say I can get a little peed ofh off when I loose but other than that its a cool game to play

No idea how can we earn jackpots You made it a WILD Wednesday to earn mega jackpots. But you didn't give any clue how one can get it. I spent over 75k coins on mystery boxes with no luck.

On tab Really a cool game with different places almost monthly ... but the advertisements after every run is not good ... so just 4 stars...

Ramesh kumar I played dis game for a long run.. and d game was automati ally killing me when i was moving towards a big score.. and my 26000 coins were not credited in my coins store.

hi their... This is an awesome game that you can have at your cellphones.... It's verry easy to download n play... It'the game that you could addicted to it. So play easy.

Data restore I reset my phone and backed up data before doing it but its not getting restored plz help

Add backup for scores and achievements of the game When I reset my phone, all my scores, keys, coins and special prizes that I earn in this game gets erased and again I have to start the game from the beginning to increase my score booster level to level. So I request to do something regarding this. Thank you.

Lots of lag I havent got very far into the game but it is severly lagging making me constantly crash. Fantastic game anyway. I downloading this game before and it was fine!

E- tab I loved it . It is amazing like run away and police will cacht you i would like to say more but i can't becaues i am writing over here so that why i loved it that's all . Thank you

Cracking Systems and Too many Coins from Mystery Boxes Whenever I try to update the game it cannot open and always lose my progess and I always receive too many coins and never really get character tokens

Awesome game Really great game but I'm trying to unlock a limited person and it's hard. But totally get it! Who doesn't like a free awesome game that everyone loves?

To kiloo Please try to make some new subway of Macedonia Skopje.Why you just make from big countries why not Macedonia,Serbia,Croatia... we are small yes but that it's not problem to dont make.Why you make the same city why you don't make the new one.Let's be some new not the same.Please the next subway be with some new city.Please make it and this 5star will be for ever.

Surf-tastic My sister and I play this game non stop. When my tablet was fully charged ,we played until the battery ran out. Maybe you could update it so that you can create your own character, name it and play Subway Surfers with it. Nether the less this is a Surf-tastic game! KEEP IT UP KILOO, KEEP IT UP!!!

Nice App. I like Subway Surfers over all. It's a good game to play to pass time. It does however have little glitches that can cause your character to run into a train w/o you causing it. I also can not download the new update for Paris, keep getting an error message. But overall I like playing the game.

Marvellous Its a wonderful game that you would never get bored, just download and play you will know...

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