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After some time the movement of the kid is much faster at that time we have to concentrate the path to jump and move .So it is used to test our brain that how fast it working . Highly Recommend.

I love apps which can play offline and without ads and i can say this app is perfect.i dont normally write reviews but for this i would review it Great job

I was surprised... When i saw in the news paper that subway surfers reached 100 crores club .... Then how can i give it 4 star or 3 star or 2 star or1 star ...instead of 5 star ... Marvelous

Use colours thats don't give stress to eyes. For some reason, after updating to the latest version, the game exits in the middle of games. Please resolve this issue. Or advice me if there is something wrong with my mobile. Please remember that I have been playing this from years Well done!!

I think this game is great 4 absolutely anybody so it's a yes yes yes yes yes if u were to ask me I'd u should download it. It even has a permanent little thing in the corner of the screen that tells u how close u r 2 beating ur high score. GET THIS APP. Worth it!

This game is fun and quite addicting, but I have found with your most recent update that you tend to only do Christian holiday themes(for example(s): Easter, Christmas, ect.). See, I am Jewish and I am really hoping that you could incorporate some other types of religions (for example: Jeudisium, Muslim, Buddhist, ect.). Thank you for taking time to read my review, and once I see some different religions I will give a five-star rating. Must have

Cool game, but sadly the train movements doesn't really good. Like, if there was a stopped train, sometimes there was a moving train that comes out from the stopped train. It's just really weird... wow lol

It was good but sometimes when I swipe it doesn't move for some reason but over all I highly suggest getting this game. It's great for when you are bored or waiting. Not bad

I love this game so much. It is great exercise your thumbs or whatever figure you use. This is great if you're bored. Install it right now. Also I love the Easter egg. Worth a go!

I love this game always have. I love doing the weekly hunts and the worst weekends. Everyday before school I play this to try and get the daily!y challenge of the weekly hunt. Overall love it Works great

It's fun I enjoyed,I connected on facebook just to compete with my friends But one thing I noticed is that it takes a little time to load Awesome

Whenever u change phones u have to start all over again... thats a very annoying thing and i wont bother playing this game all over again. Great job

After latest update on 20 Mar 2018, its quiting automatically from game within 5 to 10 seconds. Very irritating...!!! Amazing!

I think this game has very good everything, the only thing about the game play is that they trick you kind of and it is hard to get Easter Eggs and stuff. Or when you jump off a train and there is one of those things you have to roll under but you have no time so the police catches you. Or maybe I am not good with those things. Yeah, probably just I am not good at this game. Recommend

Game is simple and challenge is with speed of every stage. Music affects is turned off still it's playing music. 21-Feb-2018: Game crashes at the end of coinmaster ad only and not for other ads. 23-Mar-2018: Iceland upgrade graphics clutters no smooth surfing on RedmiNote4. Superb!

Love The Game Completely! Just Have To Correct Your Error On The Latest Update. It Would Not Be Iceland, It Would Be Greenland. Iceland Is Green And Warm And Sunny, Named As A Trick. Greenland Is The Icy Cold One, Also Named As A Trick. Pretty good

Hello my name is leondre and I loved it I don't know what to say but this game is amazing everybody must play it more now it's getting more lower and just in case you forget what this game is it's about running from a police okay so don't forget to subscribe oh no I am I saying this all this happened again like that other Dragon freaking game okay that sucks oh yeah that's oh yeah I just saw security cute dog Brilliant

Very addicting!!! When u find yourself neting angry because all the keys you've collected to make that One Big Run happen are missing and you're ready to beat someone, perhaps it's gotten a tad too addictive lol Marvelous

This is a very difficult game... In this game I complete the mission and daily challenge.. You have update all versions it was interesting and hard tried it one time and you have not uninstall this game.. Surprisingly

It is fun but it keeps saying use 4 score boosters for my missions I do but It will not work please get it fixed. Love Morgan Worth it!

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