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I think this game is a blast. I love it and wherever I go I am always playing it. Its soooo much fun and you can even select your OWN characters. If your thinking about downloading this app, go for it. I assure you its the best game ever! Enjoy it!

Dear Readers, If you love an addicting game that can help you get past a boring car ride. Well then this game is for you. It is incredible. Sometimes the game is glitch so try to play online, but it almost always works amazing. There are different settings, characters, awards, boards, and so much more. I highly suggest this game, please give it a try. Works great

I hate this game for only one reason. I've almost opened and played all the characters in my mobile, but when I changed my handset only my scores reflected when I logged in using FB. All the characters and boards I unlocked was lost. I feel very disappointed to start the game again from the scratch Amazing!

I like this game a lot but I recently changed phones and when I logged in with FB all my progress was gone. I had to restart the whole thing again I was disappointed as there was no point of logging in then. I hope you will fix this problem and also maybe you can make the game more realistic? Like adding weather, change in time zones or day and night. Flawless

It's great. Usually doing the same thing day in and day out would get boring,but not subway surfers. Everyday it's like a new game because of the new missions. Recommend

I think this is an overall good game play when you're passing time. My only complaint is that enough keys aren't given out and the price for buying them is outrageous. Well done!!

Just wished it went to different level verses the speed. Running over and over in circle can get boring. Brilliant

Hi this is Tyshawn Smith commenting this to this subway surfers game writing this I'm 12 years old I'm born in the in 2006 loves to preach pray and sing and read my bible and I go to Erickson Elementary school on Levona street and I'm in 5 grade in Mrs Dukes Keisha classroom and I love this game subway surfer Muito bom!

I love the game so much.I think the creator should continue making games like this. If this game woild have cost money to play i would have bought it. Thank you.Creators Works perfectly

This game is very nice And I like that you add valentine special also(weekly hunt)keep it up very nice I wish that u make the better and better game s love it

I love it except I do not know why there is one a magnet cause you are supposed to do it yourself and two why is there a times two star thing? xxx Other than that it is great xxx Highly Recommend.

It is really good, except I had problems connecting facebook to it. There were no log ins, nor the dino character that you would unlock by signing in to facebook. Must have

I love subway surfers! I can never get away from it I have deleted it so many times but re installed it time and time again! It never gets Old! Worth a go!

This game is very fun, I could play this for hours just to hit my high score. I have played this game for many years but never hit my high score, in all apps like minion rush I like subway surfer most!!!!! Great!

I love everything I could play this for hours non stop.I would recommend this game to anyone even babies. Nice job whoever created this game. Cool

I LOVE subway surfers once I had the shark board and the ninja dude but my marks were going down so she made me delete it and I lost everything I cried for half an hour before I got over it Worth it!

I love the idea of changing the playing theme every month or so. Its very basic to play but fun, only one suggestion! The game should move through different zones as you go not change randomly. Just a thought Update!! Just changed my phone and all the progress I made is gone!! Not happy. But it's only a game :) 5 star

It is not bad, it is OK. I can say that it is a good game but I can surely say that it is not the best game of my collection. It is very good that you give a new update in every month or on any special day. But if you want more 'subway surfers' players so you should devolve it more betterly. At least, thank you for this game. Worth a go!

What was supposed to be good is gone. The game controls are very flimsy. No matter how careful you play the character still loose it's control. Also too little coins for tooooooooo much running. Kindly improve will consider playing. Thanks Awesome

Good controls, nice graphics. Only thing I dont like are the super sneakers. They will get you into a crash more often than not. Highly Recommend.

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