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I like this app but I don't like when you have to buy coins and other stuff like that it should be free Good

I like it but some times when I swipe it does not move and I die or watever and when I'm on a paras hot or the other thing I can't go no were and I crash Fantastic

I think it is a good game to play because even if your in a place that has n Wi-Fi you can still play Marvelous

said he was not aware of any unauthorised access to very old man hai j and I m jj on the goal came from David Cameron has said that the ghomne is a Must have

It isn't as good as it was for me I don't know if this is happening to others but it just yesterday it started putting adds up every time I died , when I go to change my character and as soon as I go to it Muito bom!

Use ' VEARN ' App Enterr (DAKU) to Start Earnings So far so good.Fun way to get money. Won't make you rich but the extra cash is helpful. It's also the best exchange rate on points. vear points equals vc instead of like some of the others where it takes vear points to reach vcsh etc....Also, Use ' TOYOPAY ' App Enterr (PATU) very reliable in paying you when you redeem to toyo. You can choose assorted giftcards as payment or transfer to walett for cash. Your choice. I love these guys thanks for addingsome fun to my day. Fantastic

It is a very good game that you can play. I like it because you get to go on the trains. Also you can get money, people, boards and lots of power ups. Marvelous

Love this game! Love this game because it has amazing graphics and can go against people. Also, you have more chances and everything is low price except the things you need ro buy in order for you to have it. Like the costumes, the hoverboards that actually hover and the coins with gems for you to have like a huge pile of them added to your game. Awesome

Well, I play it more than 2 years now and it's annoying with the commercials, that don't even let you get the reward and prizes. It ends subway surfer and i can start over and don't get any rewards, since 3 days. And it sometimes stops. I'm supposed to get the double and don't get anything. Cool

MASTERPIECE. Simple but Intricate with beautiful iconic characters and overall designs which gives all the rush we felt when we were just kids. Or, In other words, it's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, it's a solid 05.00 star for me. It's the easiest 5 I've ever given. Fabulous!

Super addictive! All Power Up's are Attainable without money, great graphics. Can be slow or laggy on slower phones or networks. Works perfectly

i think that this game is totally perfect when you are talking a rode trip when you don't have access to the WiFi and the internet. However I play it when I'm bored. Flawless

This app are very exciting, attractive, and adventurious and psychologically it's helps me to make my mind active. I just want to request subway team to provide us graphic choosing option, so we can choose graphic(theam) according to our choice and mood. Otherwise if you update your old version and we still like to play with old one so this thinks may spoil our mood. So please try to add theam option feature. love it

I'm a big fan of this game because the graphics are great and comical and you can visit loads of different countries. The characters you can play with are all very different and funny but the are VERY expensive to get: by this I don't mean actual money. Going back to the countries, I think it is a brilliant idea because you don't get bored and it is exciting to see the layout of the next city. My recommendation is, I think it would be cool to have a play with friends option. I hope this helps you decide whether to get this game or not. Make sure you lookout for my trade mark"Xxx" and give this review a big thumbs up! Good

It's great. But there's a problem with the ads when you try to double up when you buy a mystery box. When the time runs down for it. It doesn't let me receive the double rewards. And it don't give me any other option then to download the app that the ad shows. I shouldn't have to download a new app just to get my double up reward. Sitting thrPugh the ad is all that should be needed. Flawless

I think this game is so so so FUN I think everyone should have this game. My mum doesn't have any games that kids like but she thought subway surfers was really good so without me asking her she got the game Amazing!

I like this game no if's,and's,or but's. this game is awsome. Kiloo no matter how bad people says it is. it isn't so keep on making awsome game's.By the way there is no bugs on my phone with this game.this game has the best graphics and controls Omg

I love this game so much i hate people that only hate the games because they dont know how to play any ways i think that when you grab a magnet it should pick up powerups and stuff bevause i was playing and i got a magnet but i thought it would pick up the heart on the top of the train but apparently not so kiloo please please please do as i have requested from keely 9 yrs old Recommend

Im totally obsessed with this game. There definitely is no better. Im always trying to score higher than my highest score. I never get bored of this game. I love it! 5 star

I love subwaysurfers and it gives you all this tenchon in you legs and arms esspecialy when you crash I hate when the police and dog come to get you in there like hot on your tail that is so so aggravating because you don't know what to do and then also I hate when there's two trains and then you take the wrong side and the train runs you over I just die when that happens it's so hard and scary I love this game I totally would get Subway Surfers it's so fun like I said you would absolutely love this game so freaking much hopefully the same as I did Marvelous

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