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My eye sight is perfect yet I am not playing good due to its colors this Update have so many colors and color scheme is so weird. waitting for next update...... Pretty good

Simply fantastic, when it comes to run games, nothing touches it. Great graphics. Excellent camera angle. If you know a better run game let me know. Go well

If the game is login by Facebook then why not be able to get my characters and coins back Surprisingly

I love this game , one of my favourite. When I changed my mobile it won't continue which and all am purchSed all the characters or hover boards. Plz work on it. Cool

Can't we store our game data on the cloud ? I mean I don't have facebook to save it , so add at least a Google account option. Perfect

Love it. Just wish some of the characters and surfboards weren't so expensive (in game coins or actual money) Enjoy it!

Whenever You Give New Update of Subway surfer you should Give New Music of that Related Country then everyone will engrossed.. Superb!

I think this is an amazing game. It is very entertaining and a awesome time killer. Keep up the good work :D Just wow

It's amazingbut for top places you could use without Facebook. It's a very lovely game and I advise you to download it Brilliant

This is the best game ever whenever I go to play it I just can't stop playing it I Fantastic

Sub way surfers is fun and challenging the better do, the faster it goes. Like I said, fun but challenging Works great

The people who are not able to connect to facebook should have other options too 5 star

I can't get enough of this game I find myself playing it for hours on end trying to beat my high score

I've been playing this game for a long long time and it is the best its a really really good game I love Subway Surfers

Bombastic game my uncle gifted me samsung pocket in 2011 i'm playing this game from that time graphic is good and easy to play easy for time pass Surprisingly

This is the second time I've lost my score and everything I just want a jackpot and then double it and then f****** it all just disappears again always b******* Fantastic

Amazing game for timepass first it will feel that its borring then later you will understand yhe value of this game ang then u will be addicted to this game as like me I just simplay love this game. Flawless

It is a good game but it may also contain night and rainy scenes also but I like this game very much and on saturday sunday we also want howerboard wordy weekend Omg

It's good, and really interesting but as soon as I get to the end of the level it makes me lose and I gotta start over again Recommend

It was like, a great time killer and it didn't burn much battery either. Kiloo, you are AMAZING. Just wow

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