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Could add more city's it sucks revisiting and not getting new characters.. also the special city boards could have some special effects instead of ... I don't know... looking like a hot dog... what's the point. A hot dog with super speed and stay low would be ideal. Love the game, but to keep playing.. maybe give us something new. The only thing I love is wordy weekends. But only to get the coins back for what I spent on the characters Flawless

I love this game so much! My favorite thing is the awesome characters, and cool cities they visit. I like how it is a offline game, so you can play it anywhare. I also like the wordy weekend challenges, and the fun events everyday. This is one of my favorite games! Fabulous!

This game isn't so scary. Like u get scared when u nearly espaced bumping twice by any train, wall or signal and when u escape from death's hand. Rather than that it is game is very addicting and a fun game. Best part: 1) U get the interest of unlocking new characters. 2) It is offline. 3) U can buy the missions and skip them, if u can't fulfill them (only if have money). I love Subway Surfers. Awesome

Would be a five but it is starting to freeze a lot. When u get a new phone and redownload only thing you keep is your high score. That part sucks, because if you had money, multiple characters, keys, surf boards nothing is transferred. You have to regain everything. Good

Under 20 fps on Huawei p10 in some moments, please fix this.... I can't play this game because of frame drops, and this phone is beast in form of specs. Well done!!

My fav game. I like to play it very much. Playing this game for last 5 years. Its daily task & levels attracts you to play it for long time. You only concentrate to achieve task & forget the time. I spend daily approx 1-2 hours. Muito bom!

The game is played by all member family, we play in turn on time except of course the little one wants to play twice. Excellent apps.. and excellent support Kiloo team! Well done. Marvelous

Love this game but it should have a lock on it to enter Once i had 76 keys and i left my phone unlocked and my brother used most of it and left me with 6 and I was rly mad so yh plz download a lock on it if u can Amazing!

Please make a way you can save what you have earned once you change your mobile :/ It's frustrating that once you install this to your new mobile and log in to the same Facebook account you have to go all that way again. Only score is saved. love it

I love this game. It's addictive, and challenging! The graphics are pretty good, and the challenges are difficult enough to the point where they're fun! Great job

I love it. It is amazing. It's so cool you get chased and you always get high scores at the beginning and you get help before you just start it is a great game I think you should two different versions from Addison to you thanks for this wonderful game Works perfectly

Need more awards, my 11 yr old son isn't allowed Facebook so he has a lot less awards available for him, I'm close to finishing my awards so should offer more when so many are completed. Highly Recommend.

I originally got this game for my nephews, but I can't stop playing. I definitely recommend it. I've never gotten bored or had any issues with this game. Recommend

The only thing I don't like about this game is when you change devices you have to start all over . You loose everything . Worth it!

I don't like how it has Soo many thinks to collect to get people if you mad it shorter than I would love it Must have

I think its good but it never updates so i have to uninstal it and re install making me lose all my progress e.g. highest score in the uk Worth a go!

Love it!! You guys deserve Way more respect! I was thinking about a character called Maya from Poland Or Sara from Norway Love Subway Surfers! Favourite Surfer is Goth Lucy bye! Make more games! wow lol

I updated it and all my characters I bought stayed with the update and all my progress transferred to this last update and this game is amazingly addictive. Great Game 5 stars for mel Omg

Best game I have ever had play great graphicsbut there is a small problems like so many adds etc. Great!

The best game ever ...but the characters we need to buy is a lot....other than that I LOVE THIS GAME....I would recommend this game to you Not bad

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