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It is so good i have been playing that game, but i only gave it 4 stars on graphics because people are just spray painting trains in the subway so why would they be in jail for that you should thank them because they make the subway much more artistic. I live in the Philippines in the Philippines they do not do that maybe America does but correct me if i am wrong. wow lol

The subway surfers game is very very exiting because in this game too many tasks to do and the creatures like train , box of gifts, police man and the police dog doing the game exiting AND THIS WAY I LIKE THE GAME. THIS GAME IS MY FAVOURITE GAME Works great

Losing alot of coins plus my daily 2 keys as it keeps saying can't load video please fix as this has started since i updated the app Amazing!

I throughly enjoy this game I really do, but it's frustrating to spend our over 200,000 coins in Hope's of winning a 900,000 jackpot. Your customers know you have made jackpot off of us; share the love! Fantastic

I like the game but don't like that I have to start at zero every time I buy a new phone. Nothing transfers over. A player should be able to start at where they were at within the game instead of at the beginning level. I've requested information on whether there is a fix but haven't heard from a Kiloo rep yet. Perfect!

This game is really fun! Though you do the same thing alot on it. There is nothing really bad about this game... in-fact I think the only thing I DON'T LIKE about it is that the characters cost alot. What I'm saying is it's taking away alot of my money and the characters aren't even that exciting. No hate to your game or anything (I really like your game) what I'm saying is that you could maybe shorten up your prices so it takes away less money because I normally lose alot of money because me buying some characters so please fix it soon as possible. Signed, Roni v. Cool

The game is superb. Addictive. Interesting. Attractive. Love the game. I will give 5 on 5 stars. But I have one problem. When the game connects to internet it get switched off automatically. And when my phone goes on sleep the game I paused is lost. Please fix his problem Amazing!

I Just love this game . I cannot understand the characters and hoverboards are too costly so sometimes it's very hard to collect money and buy them. But if I Say about other things it's a fab. Brilliant

I am not able to play and finish the daily challenges as the game exits in 5 to 10 seconds after starting the app. This is happening after updating the latest version. Kindly help to solve this. Worth it!

I LOVE IT my cousins love it they always play it it is a great time killer and very addictive the graphics are amazing and I don't see any ads bothering me It is a great game for kids it like a cartoon version of temple Run but better Must have

Not only does my 2yr old love to play this game, he's actually really really good at it!! I love the simplicity of it, and yet it still challenging enough for any age group!! Worth a go!

Thanks so I'm going in to see you guys again and now it's gonna take Owen back in town on your phone to be in a good place I really want you guys doing tonight and she was leaving me hanging in a bit to get a new job though it would help to be in a bit if that's the one we could do that if I was to that band is the first day off so idk what time is good babes I'm going in to see you soon Have an email about getting the truck to DL for Natty's play it on my way back now and then and we all had to get my next question everything he says it's the only thing is the first day off so idk what time is good but not the other night when we are done at Costco for a bit of everything I need a place in my car so you should get it today Superb!

Good time killer, just sorta annoys me when it glitches and ends up saying I got caught, and having unreachable coins sorta makes me mad too... Omg

It's a really fun game and I'm good at it and it does not have too be online but only if you what too buy stuff and do the challenges that why I play offline sometime :D Surprisingly

I haven't played this game in a while and downloaded it again. I looked at the characters and found there was no Dino or Facebook. This game used to have Facebook and now it doesn't!!!?? wow lol

Why is it that when I'm playing the game wants to act up like slow or freezing up....smh I get far then poof the game acts up like WTH really??? Good game other then that. Surprisingly


I love this game its so fun Only one thing, I would enjoy it if u added more than one map at once that would be great But overall I love this game, thankyou kiloo for making this game Great!

Since last 3 years o am playing this game,but after Iceland update game crashes in middle.not sure if same happens for others too Worth it!

I love this game it is the best because you don't need lives to play you can just keep playing thx so much make more games like this pls Well done!!

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