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I really loved you don't think how much I like this game I loved it really very nice superb pretty awesome fantastic good lovely plzzz make a more games plzz I can't wait okay you make a coco's first date game please this game you will make it I am so existed plzzz Great job

I love it except now I dont have access to shoes hair dye ect. I have to buy it and ik thats the point but before I used to watch adds and was able to unlock it i rather just watch adds because my parents won't let me get the FULL game so plz change it back thank you. Must have

This game is fun and all but can you guys get rid of these ads because not everyone is going to give you money. I might delete this app if you don't get rid of the adds am I right or what? So I guess just get rid of the adds in your he t update. It's OK for now. Amazing!

It is an excellent fashion game. Very nice graphics. But the thing that really annoys me is that you have to pay for everything Muito bom!

I really like the concept of being a vips personal fasion desinger. But its a issue of what to do at the contest when you vote for others. Do you choose who wins, or do you have to see which one is the better fashion? Over all. Its a great game....if it werent so expensive with the coins you collect for the game. 200 of the coins.....for blush? Really? Fantastic

It's a good game,a very good game. But the problem is that everything is locked lenses,makeup,some more things are locked so it's seems like a simple game in which we only dress up,have photo shot and that enough even the shoes are locked. It needs a little more work Worth a go!

I love this game and i am so obsessed about it! Its awsome and so realistic. Its the best game a girl could have! The only hicup is that is has to many adds,but the rest,keep up your good work cocoplay! Girls, get this game!!!!! Muito bom!

really good but can i have my own avatar? my own girl? im rlly happy that everything (well not everything cuz some things are locked) but im happy bc u make almost everything free♡ thank you sm Works perfectly

This is my favourite game these days I love this a lot every is unlocked but in other we see that the main-main options are locked Surprisingly

This game is really addictive and fun but as improvements you could make the clothes free or atleast make the clothes free if you watch a video. I guess it teaches you to not spend and waste your money at first I thought that this game was silly but I do enjoy playing in free time Works perfectly

Really alovely game , so many things to do . I don't no about any body else but from my reading of this game it is best one and one more things plz this Request is for the inventor of game , mke more games like this. Seriously best game. Brilliant

Awesome it does not take WiFi and it is fun to play with friends and cuisines .you can play win you are traveling. Hope all of you can play to. And 8am 10 year's old and my mom plays it to. Well done!!

IM 1ST PLACE AT BEST DESIGNERS AND IVE ONLY PLAYED 4 DAYS and this is a great game and im 11 about to be 12 and the only thing is that the ads r really annoying and u have to buy a lot of stuff(not with real money)but still love it Omg

I love this game it is one of the nest games ever I play it EVERYDAY and anywhere I go I play it is a good game please make more games like these please I am begging you plese Muito bom!

Superb game I have been enjoyed a lot. but just when we give dress if she wears pant and we'll give a shirt the pant will change Fabulous!

It's interesting pretty dresses but the only thing is their are too many adds otherwise I would rate out five stars Highly Recommend.

This game is amazing after a while you start to get the hang of it. I would totally recommend it to others. If youre not so keen just try it. At first i wasnt so keen then i actually downloaded it and i loved it. And now im here writing this!! Must have

I really liked this game but after a week of playing this game when I was going to put make up on the model I couldn't put anything on her it said that I needed to BUY the full version? What ? Please fix this problem because my WiFi is on but it's still locked Surprisingly

Model contest in that we can show our models to have can prepare and models and how can be prepared to get in the future thank you I would like to say that this app is best app in the world and this is very good for the Model Senior I make the model dress Perfect

Why game items is to purchases with Real money, to make money with game or else.Waiting items all free without locked & doors/shops too.All the game of this types are similar & money pay game.That spoil whole interest of entire game & rest of games of this types. Works perfectly

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