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I WAS looking for Tap Tap Aquarium which ISNT compatible with my Android, so while I was looking for Hide & Seek I stumbled upon this. After some careful consideration, I installed it and started playing. LOVE THIS GAME! Works great

This game is Osama me Know but it would like the way. it will not sure how I would have a lot more to do , 6 Great job

It's very good but some people lag. I think you should add survival time it would be a great idea Great job

Its fun and addictive but my cars don't work there's no steering and I have the turbo sound when I'm not doing anything so please fix your game Works perfectly

Best car racing game I love the game style and I wish there were more games in the list style Best game b6 fog games I'm getting a pc tomorrow so I will be playing this Fabulous!

I gave this a five star rating because it's the best, but I'm having a massive problem. Sometimes when I go to play the game it resets my cars, coins, and level. I loose my fully upgraded super bike and my coins that I was saving. It really makes me sad and disappointed and I need help on figuring out why it's doing that to me. I need help and on my YouTube channel ( Issa's Kisses) I have a video about it and towards the end it shows it restarting and I can't drive around correctly. It was working fine and I don't know what happened. I just want my cars back :,( Perfect

This racing game is more that a normal race game, it's fun and addictive. The levels feel kinda bumpy and smooth but kinda confusing when your playing race mode. The cars are well made and cool looking. The graphics seem blocky and detailed very well. But the ways of getting coins are kinda hard sence you get little rewards. This game is overall good, addicting, and worth the download so get it now if you like racing games and exploration. 5 star

The people who have made this game is awesome. But there is some problem in my game. Pls pls pls fix it.i beg u fix it pls Surprisingly

I have a brother and we have a mobile so we play with joy guys must download this, :) but can u fix one problem. When I play it sometimes the car does not work and is views sideways. So pls fix that Flawless

Even though this game is old, it's a favorite! I wod suggest this game for people that like stunting and multiplayer and boosts! Would be good for an update for once in a while. Works perfectly

I think they should make a hacked Verizon :-) and yoy can wall ride wiul boosting on emty boost :-) Perfect

One of the few actually good games out there. It's a small app, runs well on almost all devices, gameplay (especially infection mode) never gets old. Overall a good app and is installed on all of my devices to ward off boredom and will never be uninstalled to free up space. Pretty much an "essential" app for all my devices Flawless

This game is fantastic! The graphics are pleasing, the controls are great, there's a lot of variety in cars and maps, everything is just amazing! I just have one suggestion: Multiplayer free-roam. Maybe not online, just with friends, but either way it would be great to have. Other than that, this game is a 10/10! Awesome

Um the network is broken cause when me and my friend play it says not conected but we are can you fix that please? And also this game is awsome Great job

I love the game alot but they're are things wrong that I see am going to start with the 2 cars that I have and they are the monster truck and the tank I'm going to start with monster truck 1.the monster truck has the most bad handling in the the game (if that's true) it so bad it's probably even still bad if full upgrade 2.any thing I hit and I go slow the monster truck will go crazy and makes it go upside down and I will happen every second plz fix or change it . Now it's go for the tank 1. The shooting for the tank is useless it does nothing do it so plz take it off 2. For no reason the tank is fast I get it that the tank is fast in real life but I don't think it's that fast in the game. That I have for the cars now for game problem every time I what to play online it will sometimes say no connection like I have full bars of Internet and it says that plz fix it. Also can you make more cars for next update I have 1 car you can make and it's bulldozer you can push cars out of your way and you can control the front loader up and down and it will cost 600. Good

hey today I will show u how to hack stunt car racing first u want to get root. download kingo root for tablet or download king root for mobile.then download their user like kingo user name is superuser and king user name is supersu.Then download (gamehacker). now your downloads done. Now open kingo/king root thenhit root. when done! Now open superuser/su and then close. Now open gamehacker and allow him.grant it. Then goto Stunt Car Racing-multiplayer. Then goto stars collet more then (2) Stars then see number of stars up and write number in gamhacker and hit the search. Now collect one more star and write number in gamehacker then write 9999999999 then done.yeah it hacked now wait for time and times up now see your coinsssss! 5 star

If you flipped the car it takes way too long to get all fours again. And if you are playing infection mode and you Tag Someone the game just ignores it sometimes THATS SO FRUSTRATING Awesome

Best I love the game,but like the game is keep on laging and stuff.So if you could fix that,I will rate 5 stars. Bye Works perfectly

Its too easy to lose control of a turn. Just falling a millimeter off of a sidewalk while turning will cause me to drift or fish-tail. This is kind of annoying Brilliant

When I update this game, my profile are cleared. Furthermore, when I drift in the game, the game becomes ridiculously slow, only a few fps. Pls fix ASAP Go well

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