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Ye game to 5★ hai Mera sabse favourite game hai daily khelta hu isko I love this game sabko 5★ deta hu Not bad

Well the gym is extremely expensive for people who just start the game and y not make the gym a mini game to up your stats instead of have to buy your stats and money can be used for buying new moves Marvelous

You'll learn to fight and more. I don't like cheaters on here, plus I by myself online now. Fix that please Hack and Cheat Codes must go. Take away from game, it's awesome tho!!! . Awesome

Every time I go to register it keeps coming up "oops something went wrong." I have tried everything I can think of & nothing is working. Feeling frustrated. Please fix this issue Muito bom!

Game ok and fun..but if I upgrade my guy at the gym more than level 10,I will have no body to kill.. please settle this problem.. Just wow

Ye game to 5★ hai lekin jab bhi Mai 21 level pe pahucha hu uske Baad koi fighter hi Nahi milta koi help karoge ki Mai kya karu Highly Recommend.

I have a great idea for you .. why not you made a new server , that will be only for hacker & modder No any Normal ppl there , we can call that Hackers Hell & Another One for Us who like to play without cheating.. How about my idea?? aren't it good.. Hope fully it will be great For Cheaters & Gentle Players. Highly Recommend.

Where do I start my god...The game is good but could be better if u could pick up weapons.Should be able to get health back somehow when it gets low.Add some slams or maybe a grab button lol no I'm not trying to turn it into wrestling.Its good just need more and it'll be the best fighter. Muito bom!

The modders damn near run the game pls fix this problom their are programs (websites to hack this game real shame.... Other than that i really enjoy the game. Looking forward to more battles! Worth it!

Hi I'm STARSET SOCIETY I play street wars best game,but major is there's a lot cheated and hacker or mod but this is best game I'm play thank you very much for this game wow lol

Please help .the game is good i join many i.d registerd but the problam is i m upgrate my gym so no player what is this please help Worth it!

Hacked hackers and hackers all around !! Pissed Muito bom!

It's good good graphics and controls is ok but can you update it and add a gang creating Just wow

The game is good but there are so many hackers. The player is on top is Hacker he killed only 101 players and become on top. Can you do anything of these hackers otherwise I uninstall game.... Amazing!

Good game, nice graphics, and easy to control. The problem is there are hackers and cheater almost everywhere, they need to improve their security system. I suggest you to make more maps and mode, there's only free for all mode, I'm expecting there are team mode or others. The game still need a bit of works. Fantastic

the system always lag.. please do something.. the controls .. everything.. btw.. i like the game.. Pretty good

We have a problem, the game is starting to freeze now and its enoing. I don't know if it's my device or game but yolk need to do something about it unless u want to lose more people who play game, plus I have this friend who is shy so I'm gonna speak for her,. She is wandering when are yoll gonna add more girls its not fair that they can only pick 2 while the guys pick from 6 Must have

Plss improve the controls and combos and plss improves the graphics and more map and plss add some survival round and team match ,capturing flag something like that Perfect!

Please ad a some new fighting place & & ad a country group members.'s awesome games that join a some my requested Pretty good

Its a good game. But MAJOR PROBLEM is there are people in there using cheats and hack their way through. Till it becomes pointless to fight with others who are unlimited god mode. We cant enjoy the game with these people around, they cant be killed and moves like flash, even if we upgrade all power up we still cant beat the cheaters. Is there any ways to sort this so we can all play fair. Seriously do something about the cheaters and hackers in this game. Its pointless when we cant enjoy the game because of them. Not bad

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