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Its just Asphalt the car racing game, you mostly collect nitro containers on the track to fill up the nitro gauge to boost up the vehicle its pretty cool that this game uses the same mechanics as Asphalt. To all the negative people ads can pop up depending on what device your using its not the game because with me and my phone there are hardly any ads at all. Brilliant

Annoyed because I have completed all the stars in the amature league and it hasn't awarded me the diamonds and shows I only have completed 1 star instead of all 30... No support contact that I can find either. 5 star

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It's hard for me to like a game but this one is special. I really love this game; the graphics, controls, and everything else. It's a must download guys. Omg

I love this game all time if i have to i will delete alll my games and keep thus one always i love it so bad Great job

Why won't it give me my gems in the challenges when I get all the stars in one area? I wouldn't purchase this if it doesn't even work correctly. Must have

Fun and very entertaining cause to me, not saying bad graphics, but games with low graphics (that doesn't sound right) are more enjoyable to me than games with high quality graphics (that sounds better) love it

This the best racing car games,nice controls ,good graphics and nice background music download you will thank me later .The makers of this game keep it upi give u a trillion stars,five stars are not enough for you. Great!

It's good. But could you please add an "are you sure you want to finish repair dialog box?" I have wasted too many diamonds. You can even make it option (from the settings) for those who wouldn't like it. Fabulous!

From I see this game my mine tell me its nice but and ave to download it a lots of time cause wen I download it its showing me that its not working and it hurt me so now I'm download it again I'm praying to god to plzzz make it work god Muito bom!

So far I really like this game. I pray it delivers real entertainment. Let's see how this goes. Off to play it, but I'll be back to edit my comment bad or good. Just wow

What?? No gas pedal?? The cars want to go as fast as possible. Only way to control the speed is with breaking only. And when the brake is applied. The car instantly wants to drift. SMH. Cool

Decent honestly I would like more customization on cars especially where you can make your own paintjob/decals even body work. Lots of potential. 5 star

I love playing racing car games even at the age of 57 this is awesome I'm really enjoying it thank you it's great to see that they put out fun games good eye and hand coordination for people like me that have dyslexia thank you Brilliant

I think it's a good game and nice to play until you get to the end it gets quite boring but apart from that everything is cool in this car game and it is like asphal 8 but I think it's better because in this you don't have to make space for it and it doesn't take that much storage and especially for a wonderful game like this and it's also so addictive in so many ways it also helps you waste a lot of time which is also looks fake but then you can imagine yourself in real life playing it which is great and the graphics ain't that bad so I gave it a four which is ok but it's a GREAT game to play and to mess ABOUT with so make sure you download it Thanks Fantastic

Average graphics, no ads, variety of race tracks and good controls. Overall game play is average. Amazing!

Because its amazin and thanks for the best time ever Hi and thanks again for your time to meet up with the best time ever You are interested in this message was sent to you Hello kitty cat and Fantastic

At first, you will like it, but later on you will not. Why? You can't collect coins and diamonds easily, but you need them to buy and upgrade cars. Moreover prices are very high. Omg

Work and handles great! Better than some other games, but the graphics could use a little bit of work. But over all I can't complain Surprisingly

,, xNice we can hack this game How means we should have to do 1 racing and select the best car and you can't buy it but you can get more money How means we should have to click money button and click free money and you select how much you want........... Great job

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