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Needs more energy plus when we runs - our energy reduces significantly but when thives runs their energy is not getting reduced.. Perfect!

Not much on playing games on my phone but this is definitely keeping my attention Go well

I like when the thief catches the bottle across his head, bystanders trying to stop you from doing ya thing , this is a cool game ! Also why is it when I catch 2 runners it is impossible reach the the others ( not enough on the timer ) I feel it is set to make U REPEAT the stages ( kinda f 'd up ) in the meantime I'll keep trying ! Works great

Graphics and game should be good ,but some time control is not working .I am trying lye down from the obstacles,it is not working . Please fix the error .other than game will be awesome Fabulous!

it's good game but it doesn't have chances to increase the power and power increase during chase is onlu 3-5 %not 13 % as per they said Works great

I like running games so it is a good fit for me if any one reads this you should try the game 5 star

Good but there will be some life line option or like energy booster option without any shop products 5 star

I like this game coz its different from other games and it fun to play with all the different ways to catch the roppers Good

Cool game would give it more Stars but everything cost so much that's the only thing that turns me off about this game Marvelous

Everything is good for me but getting new hero's is very high cost and the main issue is during chase when I get big health pack my energy boost up to only 3to 5 percent pls fix this issue Just wow

Game Ko 2 stage Mae division hona chahiye because 1 stage Mae less survive rhta hae Perfect!

I really loves this game.You should also try.If u feel bore just play...... Perfect

You should give at least 3 life for each chase When we caught 3-4 theif after we lost our life we have to start again You should also save where we lost Great job

energy and other thing have upgrading option but that's option can not take from games... that's so much essential for play this games Worth it!

This is the Best game but there is less options to win this game because of the paid service overall this is waste of time for those who can't afford to pay and play. Fantastic

Great Running game. Better than other run games like temple run in terms of creativity, missions and experience love it

I thought this was a fun game with a good objective. The fact that you chase someone, throw bottles at them while chasing them, and kicking balls at them while chasing them is quite fun. With so many games out there that have weak game play, this game was breath of fresh air. The graphics are okay, and the gameplay is easy to learn with good tutorial on how to play. The only thing that I would have them change is the music, it's kinda low even when you adjust the volume. Other then that, I recommend this game to any and everybody. The degree of difficulty is not too easy, or not too hard, but just right and I don't even write reviews but I felt compelled and was really impressed with this game wow lol

I would give 5 stars if power upragades are made availaoble easily . Its almost impossible to earn a player or earn boosters . Pls update this Perfect

Its very fast pace its what I love challenges and not to easy but I wish it would give more keys as you go along Enjoy it!

I like when the thief catches the bottle across his head, bystanders trying to stop you from doing ya thing , this is a cool game ! Highly Recommend.

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