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Game play is fine. Sometime you have to sit through multiple ads before you get to play because your opponent quits right away. Other times, you start playing and make a few good moves against an opponent and they offer you a draw and then quit when you decline. This makes you wait for two and a half minutes before you can leave the game since they are disconnected. This game would get a higher rating if they could punish habitual disconnectors by making their disconnect time shorter. Pretty good

Unable to load setup for quick game On android version it is not possible to load ad or to create your sertuo for quick match , you have to play with a random setup Go well

I like it Intrusctions could be a lot better for new players. The number labeling is confusing with Ranks for new players. Amazing!

Not bad, who knows the board game knows, you will need patience. Advertisings are not a problem at all, it's free so Surprisingly

Search in and Waiting screens Seems there is are issues when transitioning from ads to Searching for opponent and Waiting for opponent screens. I hope new ad arrangements are causing this issue. Your ad revenue will reduce if we can't play your ap. I want to play Stratego with others on this great platform. Well done!!

The games is better than nothing, but like others have said, it's Ad heavy before each game. The game play is itself is stuck in 1 mode where there is no attackers advantage. If the game offered more variation of game style, I would give it more stars. Fabulous!

Awesome! My dad used to have the original board game from when he was a kid and now he is 40 but he had it for over 30 years and sadly it was lost and destroyed :( but I loved it and now I can play it again THANK YOU!!! I suck but I'll get better with my strategy lol 5 star

Sucks on so many levels 1st you can't place your flag where you want it, position is randomly selected. The worst part is having to suffer through the ads again if your opponent abandons the game and you have to wait 2 1/2 minutes before it ends the game after they disconnect. Perfect!

I like this game but...... I only sometimes have problems with connecting to an opponent. More often than not they move first....let you move .....and then quit leaving you there to watch an after game add. Enjoy it!

Awesome game Absolutely a great and polished game. I really liked the boardgame and when I saw this I was surprised that it turned out so well :) Great job

Great Game Involves a lot of strategy since you don't know how your opponent's pieces are oriented. Worth a go!

How do i setup my layout I bought a layout with the coinw it gives you. But theres no option to place the pieces on a layout other than when you start a match. WTH is that? At least i can move peices in the 6 min window before the match starts. Love the gameplay Go well

Fun and not too glitchy Still looking for an explanation on the timer. Its like thrres 2 and thrir not consistent love it

Muy buen juego Muy entretendo juego con graficos geniales, lo unico malo es la ventana de chat, que deberia ser eliminada, pues le permite a los sociopatas estarte molestando.

Can't find match All of a sudden I can't get a match. Says please be patient but when you wait 10 min and still don't get a match gimme a computer to play against. Good grief this is terrible. I've already in installed and reinstalled. Can't register my old account. Fix this!

Cut down to nothing. No capability to alter your layout. Made for a 3 minute match. No great variation of units. Just not worth the title, time, or possible money it wants

Awesome You get to crush others. For instance I beat my dad with minors and they are the second worst people on the board while defeating bombs. If you like chess or even checkers this capture the flag game will blow your mind

Great Suspenseful Board Game A classic game from long ago is still a winner. Pit your strategic skills against your opponent.

You are the best. The game is amazing... full of options and they fix everything inmediately after it is reported. My best congrats...

Phone shutdown Sometime the phone shutdown when connected with an opponent...this happens only with stratego...I dont know if this is my problem only...apart this inconvenience the game is really good... Works perfectly

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