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Love this App and Magazine. Has a novice Griller I love this magazine for the recipes and tips on how to do a better BBQ. Best magazine over.

Great Collection of Information! Everything from recipes, cooking tips, equipment reviews and much more. 5 star app. Works perfectly

Amazing. Epic. Simply epic. I'm never less than amazed at the versatility and joy the simple act of cooking meat over fire brings, but this magazine takes it to entirely new heights Go well

It's barbie, but not as I knew it! Have been haunting Chris G's Urban Griller site, and saw he was a contributor. Decided to have a look, and I'm greatly impressed. App works well, and it's opened my eyes to how BBQ can be a lot more than sizzling steak and sausages on a hotplate. Thanks guys.

Great App I have been waiting for this app to come out for the android... I love reading the emails and have got great ideas from them. With this app, I'm sure to get more ideas .... Fabulous!

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