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Great apps. It's help to stop what isn't good for the health. Also tell you the progressive benefits you get in your health. Cool

I find this app extremely helpful. When I want to have a cig I like to look at the health benefits I have gained.. life time I have gained back.. and even my badges. Those weren't easy to achieve! Great job

Good app, it doesn't (like all the other apps) take into account whether you were a cigarette or packet tobacco smoker, so the money saved never really helps. It doesn't constantly ping though, you can check it when you want... Does the job without adding to the stress :) Highly Recommend.

This app has really helped keep me on track with my goals. All of the badges make me feel accomplished at each step of the way. My personalized motivators help me remember my reasons for quitting. The memory game completely distracts me when I'm trying to beat an urge. I am 18days smoke free and I wouldn't be without the help of this app. My previous attempt to quit was unsuccessful and I think I would've succeeded had I used this app. Thank you! I'm on my way to be a better me! Enjoy it!

Great app. Doesn't keep annoying you with notifications and such. I like ghat it's easy to keep track of money you have saved and simple to use. Would recommend to anyone Well done!!

well, any app, be it this one or the others can't force your hand to quit. This one is good with cute little animations. Just remember " Don't poke the (smoking) bear once you stop, its a chain reaction, indulge once and chained till eternity. withdraw from poking, and the chain breaks itself " Go well

The app seems impressive so far. Quitting is hard so its nice to have this where I can see how far I'm coming, know what I am saving, learning how long it takes things to restore themselves (lungs, mental health, blood pressure ect..) really helping in feeling more determined. love it

It's only day 1, but I got through it. I have smoked for 20 yrs + and I did feel quite uneasy but the app has helped when I needed extra help. I really want to quit smoking. One step closer to my goal thanks to this app.. Brilliant

Beautiful and fun design. Helped me quit, 2 weeks clean so far. The reminder function could use some work randomizing. I'd love for it to have more information on addiction and your body functions. Must have

It keeps me on track. The games really do help. I LOVE THE HEALTH TRACKERS. Seeing how your body is healing daily keeps you FROM GIVING INTO cravings. 5 star

Good for giving up smoking - gives you badges when you achieve milestone & has a game for beating the urge. Shows how much you've saved and on average how much you haven't smoked. Perfect

It is nice to be able to pick a reduction plan first! If you aren't going cold-turkey, most other apps are pretty useless. Perfect!

This is a very helpful app. You get to see the numbers (money, # not smoked, etc), health benefits, and personalized tips. I do agree that there should be a "slip up" button or mechanism, since it does happen to people. Otherwise, this is a very nice app. Works perfectly

Interesting ways given to take my mind off of my urges. Tracks my progress in a comprehensive way that does a good job of showing me how I'm doing, plus shows me how I'm helping my body to 'repair' itself! Overall, very impressed! Amazing!

I've been a smoker for 8 years, and I've been wanting to quite for a long time, just seriously never had the courage or strength to quite. I appreciate this kind of app, that tracks all progress and even gives you little rewards to make it fun. I've been smoke free for 12 days now, thank you for making this kind of app. To anyone who wants to quite, you can do it, and give this app a shot. It really helps. Cool

Great! Very complete - calculates cash saved, gain in health, sends out encouragements and tips. Add more "fight the urge" games please! 5 star

It's a really good app, the only thing I don't like is it tells you how many cigarettes you've missed and I don't want to know that at the min. Seeing your health improving is fab and the money you have saved too. Can recommend it Worth a go!

My only complaint is that I'd like to record my beaten urges without playing a game every time. It's a great idea but I use different distractions for every craving, not just a memory game Muito bom!

This app has helped in the best possible way! It keeps you busy if you feel the need to smoke and redirects your focus to a small game or various badges and trophies to check out. Over 2 weeks smokefree! Good

I love this app. Sometimes I have to look at it every hour. it shows me the progress that I am making. And that makes me want to fight harder Great job

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