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This is my absolute favorite app for doing stop motion. The only thing I would ask is for a zoom in function when drawing on the photos. Works perfectly

U guys should add more music because the only music really is that piano music I want more action and better music for more videos btw my youtube name is faceless filmz but just add more music pls Fantastic

For the most part, it's good. But I'm working on a scene where I need to draw on the frame. It worked good for a little bit, but now it crashes and that frame is deleted. Please fix this! Great job

Well it's a great app. Worth 3.99 though? Ermmm... No. Audio is good and picture quality is likewise but not much thought given to actually editing videos. Every time you want to add a sound effect there is a long process to go through and also, one has to remember that each new feature that come with the Pro version costs 79p! I'm not a cheapskate but paying 79p to be able to add a couple of drawn lines is a bit steep. Overall though, good app but stick with the free version. The Pro version would only be needed if you want to get very serious about stop motion. Enjoy it!

It's great it's really helpful to make video's for my YOUTUBE channel and you can make a lot of shot little video's with this app too there are a little bit things that needs fixing but not all apps are perfect.... Flawless

THIS IS THE BEST STOP MOTION APP EVER. It allows you to make great stop motion movies. Enjoy it!

This app keeps on having errors when I'm trying to make a good video. I can't Edit it Enjoy it!

Great app! I love stop motion Studio Pro cuz I can't find any other good stop Motion apps out there! this app definitely deserves a five-star. Although there is one thing I'm not sure if it's my phone or the app. when my video is too long the sounds are off. but I still love this app!!! Just wow

It's amazing I can download this to almost all my social media all I can really say THIS IS AMAZING Good

Very, very superb app. For stop motion, it's great. From this app, I have gotten a immense following on my YouTube channel "Bradtie Studios". For me, there's nothing negative in this app, it's just perfect and fun. I also respect how easy and simple it is to create an animation without any Watermark, Company name in the corner, or repetitive adds haunting you. Again, thank you for spending time creating this app for us animators! -Brad Surprisingly

I love it, check one of the stop motions I made on youtube. My channel name is just Randomness Pretty good

Well i think that it takes up to much storage so Cateater can you please fix this problem if you are reading this sentence. Also try to make it so you can have more features and more sounds effects and improve the quality. And you should also make it to cost a bit lower like 3.99 or something cause some people might get mad because they probably wasted there money cause you really need to fix it especially if it costs. So yeah you really need to fix the app. If you can well than thank you and if you already did now thank you oh well later lol. Fabulous!

So basically, this app was very helpful back then when I tried to make stop motion videos. The focus feature worked fine. But all of a sudden, the focus stopped working. When I tap my screen nothing happens. It's not a problem with the device, it's the app's. Please help! Marvelous

Amazing, this is the best stop motion app I've ever used, the videos I make are on YouTube. Surprisingly

It's great for people who love playing with action figures and people who want to make moives Must have

It's good but my only problem is that it barely responds to me so I have to do my work AGAIN AND Jsnsnsmam Well done!!

Very good just please add more colors to the green screen option and fix it because when i used blue screen it was hazy Surprisingly

This application is very great.I like it.I can make my own video easily like music,sound,movement,and all of it. Go well

Its really nice expect for 1 thing it would be nice to have a editing system l mean then you will get your full moneys worth Superb!

Cateater i'm sorry to say this but, i like your app really i really do it got all feature i needed. But there's one big flaw you need to explain on my app...where's the fade in and fade out button and all that stuff next to it to edit my audio. On Your Webside, on your editing instruction you are clearly have fade in and out for your audio but the button is simply isn't there for me, literaly! All i have i can do with mu audio is cut or delete, there's no fade in and out. Now you better give me an explanation or fix it for me or tell me what should i do, because i feel like i'm being tricked now >:( now please fast respond because i have to make my school project on your app. Sincerly, Julianto Trywijaya Fantastic

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