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I love the content, but navigation is terrible. It's not user friendly. There's no history if you want to go back to something you listened to before. Surprisingly

The previous version was fine. This new one is ok, but I have some issues. The first one is that you have to open an episode in order to save it. The previous version had a small menu pop up on the all episode screen for easier download of multiple episodes. I don't know what the issue is with downloading episodes, but I will select a few to download and when I go back to it, the downloading stopped and nothng has been downloaded. I have to restart it, multiple times. This happens everytime. It takes forever to get anything downloaded. This never happened with the previous version. Just wow

I downloaded the latest 7.0 app update and now everytime I open the app it says "Down for Maintenance. Thanks for punishing me for updating. Plenty of competition in this space, so there is no need to fret. Still better than Google Play Podcast element. Not bad

I'm tech literate but the user experience is horrible. I find a podcast, where is the simple 'subscribe' button? Episodes, channels, playlist etc just don't behave as you'd expect. Alexa integration is useless, and Web player is out of synch with app. 5 star

The great thing about the app is it constantly keeps you guessing. Will it continue quietly streaming for hours after you press stop, wasting tons of your data? Will you need to close and reopen the app to get it to play? How many times should you uninstall and reinstall to get it to download a podcast? Who knows? So fun! Omg

Updated review- stitcher contacted me and fixed my issue. Who knew you needed to clear your archives? Clearly not me lol Great!

I love Stitcher premium and I enjoy the new Wolverine drama! A few things that would make this app great, maybe add a volume booster it's not easy to hear on a speaker. The ability to look up rss feeds by URL would be nice. Also, the ability to add premium podcasts and the ability to auto playlist. It's hard to make this my only go to podcast app without these additions Fantastic

Freezes up all the time! Whether or not I am and connected to Wi-Fi or not. Please fix and it would be a great app Cool

I preferred the old version. The new one (4.0) has a limit to the number of episodes you can save (why?!) and has a tendency to restart episodes after you pause them instead of resuming where you left off (which the old version never had a problem with). The new version is prettier though, so I guess there's that. Superb!

New update just fixed some of the annoying things to the app. I used to use SoundCloud, switched to stitcher because I'm more of a podcast guy, and there's no comparison when it comes to podcasts. Works great

Why does it download megabytes of data now everytime I open the app? It's so slow and uses a lot if data Brilliant

I paid for stitcher premium but there are limited shows in Premium and even some that are considered "Premium" still have commercials so what exactly am I even paying for? I'd rather just listen through Google Play. Works perfectly

I like the layout and all the podcasts I was looking for were on here Thanks for the quick reply about not being able to access This American Life episodes! Perfect!

The update is colourful and slick, adverts never interupt your podcasts, and there is a great selection - a super convenient and aesthetically pleasing method for playing your podcasts! Flawless

Good app. The share function is not working with new update. I click it and nothing happens. Worked perfectly on previous version. Please look into this Not bad

Needs an equalizer. I have to turn the volume way up to be able to hear podcasts while driving. It would be nice to limit the bass so the occasional loud spot doesn't rattle my speakers. Go well

Been using stitcher for years, but the search function on the app is useless. I'd like to be able to search for specific episodes instead of only shows. You can do this on the website, so why not the app? Highly Recommend.

Freezes up sometimes when trying to use buttons or search through the app and takes about 30 seconds to respond. However the stream of the podcast is fine. Very annoying if you need to pause or rewind. Works great

I like the new version but what happened to the widget? When that comes back I'll change my review to a 5. *Update. I reinstalled the app and the widget is back. 5 stars! wow lol

Good job on the update but still a lot to be done. My biggest complaint is you don't list the comedians names on episodes of Comedy Bang Bang. For a show with 500+ episodes and with a horrible search engine it makes it impossible to find specific episodes. Spotify and every other podcast app lists each episodes cast, there's no reason you can't. Amazing!

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