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Great but needs more bonus things during play and and not die too quickly after 2nd green sword pick up due to too fast coming in. Must have

Its a good game but i cant pick up the sword when it flashes green Great job


Well,this game is a top problem. The stickman Pops out and steal my sword from nowhere,I can think that I didnt know what I see. Great job

It's very fun and addicting like spamming my fingers but just a warning not to break your fingers though this game definitely deserves 5 stars and an award for creativity love it

It is a fun game i just didn't give it 5 stars cause new characters, weapons and skins are welcomed Perfect

I like the game its a good time taking game but you sould be able to watch a ad to get a belt and some coins Marvelous

Holy shiot your game is fun I get in trouble because of this game so addictive need more weapons and faster ways to earn currency and I think weapons are too expensive plz don't fire me Worth a go!

I am on purple belt and I have done hard work to come at this level it's a amazing game Fantastic

Good game to pass time but would be better if the level to get a new belt moved faster. Fabulous!

It wasn't to bad of a game, it's something I'd play to pass the time once and awhile, but I wouldn't keep it on my phone not worth the space that it will take up. You can't really see what's going on as your finger is in the way, but other than that it has potential. Good

WEAPONS AND REACTION nice weapons and gives me good reaction timing... I just wish that that chain sical was added(the kurshurugoma) Marvelous

Long time no see good game I've been playing for last year 5 Cool

More weapons Love the game i like how you work your way up to the black belt but it could use more weapons but i love the game Not bad

Great Game Great time killer. I play this game every spare minute I have. Definitely download. Superb!

Good game Plz improve graphics and plz update and in update put lvls and different lvls differenct enemys and in last the boss 5 star

Amazing Its amazing I always play with my friends on here but can you add a update to play with all of your friends at the same time Surprisingly

Awesome game This is a awesome game just like a karate dojo 1 of my friends and us know karate that's why i give this game a 5 star rating Awesome

Great time pass I've ended the whole nd achieved all the achievements too any plan of a new upgrade Good

Flawless & addictive I just wanna smash all the Ninjas!!! Great app. Fast and fluid and intuitive. Can't wait for a VR edition! Works perfectly

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