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Very good game. Strategy games need a multiplayer though, people get bored of playing the computer. The first run through was an incredible game. Good job. I will probably quit if there is no plan for a multiplayer though. A simple ranking system would give me a reason to want to keep playing. Must have

Its way different then the computer version. I dont lime the fact that i can no longer hoghlight a small grop of troops and give them independent orders. And i dont like that they havent made more levels to is essentially the same story line as the computer. Now dont get me wrong. I love this game. Play many hours beating it over and over again on the computer version. But i do feel that they could carry this further. Much further. Not bad

Awesome would like if the game could be multiplayer or online so 2 people vs all the zombies Great job

It's a really nice game I completed it in 1 HR 3min 19 sec but I can't win tournament please make it easier Worth it!

Hey dudes I made it to 21 nights and completed all the lands and tornamints it's really fun and all my friends call me the war master now but this game is the best war game in the world you should get it I think everyone would at least like it but I love it so much and thank you creators♥️ Brilliant

Really fun game when bored. And offline games r boring but this game is COOL. keep inventing more warriors and levels! Have a nice day! Great job

Oh my god so awsome game but when you beat the game your prize is replay levels i dont like that idea Perfect

Games awesome strategic games always sort of loved them so no surprise I loved this one Surprisingly


I love your game it is so good but I think you should have more ambushes in the game and make the level 'desert ' much easier because I cant pass it. BEST GAME EVER! Muito bom!

Fun game, my friend told me about it. Theres only one thing though, can we be able to add friends and play with them, also a good 2v2 were you can have a friend as your teamate or someone random would be great, and having a name and being able to change it. Thanks, and have a good day! Brilliant

ay new update and make the tournament harder cuz i beat them every time like me and crazt jay have 5 golden speartons and i have none but i still beat it onlu pros can do it ao make it hard pls and pls release the en dless deads mode im feeling its sooooòoooo goood Edit:wow i didnt realized my comment was so long Since long edit:I think you did it Marvelous

Secret! I didn't know you could regain your thrown spear when garrisoning your spearton! If your controlling the spearton you could just walk into the arrow things and regain your spear back! Great!

Amazing game ever thou I'm a princess I think it realated back when Leonidas was alive ☺ Awesome

Well the storyline was amazing but short. Can you add multiplayer through Wi-fi and hotspot? This would make the game more awesome and fun to play with your friends. Go well

When you are controlling a unit it is hard to slash jump or spear throw. With archer I find that when I pull back. I interfere with the movement controls. Well done!!

The game gives back memorys back then. The zombie survival game mode though should have you increase 10-20 troops every 5 nights or so. To give the player a bit more of a chance to go farther then 23 or 27 nights Must have

Its very diffrent good to look but its ok guys? He said that I was a few years of the same Cool

Good time consumer. Pretty addictive but they could make it longer and add more content Great!

I think game is very good now as new zombies level is very nice i just love this game Enjoy it!

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