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I like this game very much and I beat the campaign the first day I downloaded this and I made it to night 25 on zombies and I won no turnerments because cyndee keep meeting me I don't like her Awesome

Really the new update are cool endless mode is good idea thankyou to developer for this game also create stick war legacy 2,3,4,5 i request when you make other stick war legacy 2 i am the great fan of this game its been 2 month i commets and i can't wait Awesome

I've been playing stick wars since they came out. I love the new option of the waves of zombies Cool

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! but one issue that I have is that I,got a new phone and had to re-download everything,but luckily I was still signed into Google Play,unluckily on 70-80% of my games I lost ALL of my saved data/progress...if someone could fix this I would be grateful. 5 star

If you plan on getting addicted to a very fun game then you found the right place, if you planned on beating the game on its most difficult setting, you better have a wallet and a brain. Only 2 people are on the leaderboard for insane and its only because they found a way to cheat the game. So the insane difficulty is unable to be won through legitimate strategy. Its literally a microtransaction scam if you try to push yourself to win,s o be careful and dont spend a dime. Just watch your lame ads after every game (which is rediculous how often they are) and you will earn gems very very slowly but eventually you will aquire enough to beat any other difficulty but insane. Cool

Fun It is pretty cool. I loved it. It is pretty challenging. The tournaments, it is the challenging one. I loved the deathmatch, the super death match and gold rush. The endless deads are pretty funny and the scenes are like symbolizing war with bravery. Amazing!

It is a great game it has decent graphics but Tue gameplay is unbelievable I personally like the mobile version better than the pc version because it's much more simple and better graphics Pretty good

I love this game but ummm I think you should add 2 player or online with friends if you get this pls put my suggestion in your game thanks Flawless

It's so FUN, I am absolutely addicted right away. But, please, I WANT MORE OF THIS GAME! Well done!!

It's a classic game that is fair, balanced, and totally replayable. They don't go overboard on the graphics, and don't force you to buy anything. This is great, I would recommend it to everyone. Plus, it's an offline game perfect for long term play sessions while you are on a car ride, vacation, travelling, etc. Great!

I love the original twist. My only issue is that I can't seem to play the second ambush level after winning, although that's probably just me not finding it. (Tip: Archidons are more OP than you think, same with sword wrath.) Superb!

I think its a very fun game but thier was one level I could not pass and for days almost a week trying to pass it but it seems its impossible so I wish you could do more upgrades Must have

I just have one proposition, can it be updated to listen to my music while I play..? ...Also, absolutely love Stick War, thank you! Recommend

Overall the game is fun but when I got to level 11 i could not get past it because the enemy has maxed units and its annoying please make it a bit easier but as I said still very fun Good

Good game well try adding multiplayer online so we can play with friends and try putting it on playstation 3 Flawless

I absolutely loved it it was a fun game and my cousins also play this so whenever we see each other we will make a lot of posters thank you Max Games Studios Highly Recommend.

It was good but when you finish you can't level up your people and the story is too short it's like only 12 levels then your done you can't do anything else Perfect

Love the new endless mod Cant pass level 22 without spells. Cause its so lag that its very hard to pick one unit to control. Because of lag . P/s : giants and magic karp are very powerful in this mod. You use them to push back the enemy. What about spearaton you say? ... :v you only need ONE to block the throwing axit enemy P/s/s: love this game so much Perfect!

More content. Zombie is impossible past around 28. I got 29 and died. Only way to pass that is if you spend your in game currency on items. Need more got all achieves already love it

I just love it its so good because when i dont have Wifi i dont habe Wifi most of the time so i play this game its the best and i will buy theT-Shirt Flawless

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