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This is a very fun and entertaining game, I love to play this game whenever I can and with the tournament and zombies mode it is endless fun Amazing!

I like it but i want more troops levels and bosses i played this game in 2016 and i Still play it 2018 Awesome

I think we should be able to customize our characters, so In tourniment mode you know we're we fight the ai and they have customized speartons... well we should be able to customize ours, also I think the Griffen the great should be cheaper and giants should be able to block Just wow

Good game should definitly download it but i think they should make more levels. Flawless

Great game. Seriously like my fav app. One minor glitch they needed to patch though is that, at least for me, it's not giving me the achievements for the zombie mode. Like I've survived 24 nights but I don't even have the achievements for"survive 5 nights". I should have all the achievements unlocked but I don't because some of the zombie achievements I'm not receiving for some reason. But besides that minor annoyance, it really is a sweet app.i used to play the classic version back in the day and I was so happy when I found out they made it into an app. Right now my goal is to win the tournament mode on insaine 100 times, I'm currently at 59. GG! Great!

Dunno what that idiot is talking about, i just beat it on hard no problem. Its a strategy game. Not the games fault you lack strategy Perfect

So I LOVE THIS GAME. I beat it once and had to uninstall it due to space issues. I couldn't find it until now. It is a very nice game controls graphics everything on point. Overall my review is 4 stars. ONLY because it needs more levels as the difficulties aren't extra levels but just harder versions of those so maybe more levels and islands if possible and more stick warriors and it can even go into the skies or galaxy or so although I don't know if that sounds like too much but more levels. If it had multiplayer (online as optional) also, so u can play offline but if u want multiplayer u get online. I'm not trying to be picky. Such an awesome game finished too quickly. Superb!

Its a good game but if you play it long time its getting boring so pls download this game and by the way pls update this game more cooler Well done!!

This game in awesome. It is nothing like the games I have played before cuz it's amazing. Surprisingly

I love the game I wish you would make it to were you shove more troop because after you level up your troops fully you still get more upgrades so it would be fun to have more troops love the game pease out Works great

THIS GAME IS AMAZEBALLS! If you want a good time killer or a challenge, try this thing on insane! I loved it! Brilliant

This is cool games and i like to play it i like to play zombies and the war make more games and make more updated please i like it so much i can't stop playing this cool is very good you need to download this cool game Go well

Not the best in terms of game design and grafics but it's cool and really addicting, zombie mode is my fav love it

The sad part iz whne in zombie mode the wizard dies ;-; This;-; means sad face Surprisingly

Great game I also play on pc its graphics are better on pc but for a mobile game this is brilliant!!! Awesome

I think that this game brings back memories of the times that we all played on the first one and seeing this new one with more actions and abilitys and many more things to do is just what I would expect from something from the old stick war 1 game and I just would love to see more stick war games like these overall I love this game and I think it was the best Well done!!

This game is amazing I love war games like this please make more levels and more characters and online battles it will be fun and make a castle not a camp like... A tower defence mode where you defend your home castle wow lol

Fun game mechanics, the rounds are unfortunately short and it doesn't have much replay value. Still one of my favorite mobile games on the store 5 star

I like it because you have to use what is more effective so you can win faster (for example: Archers can kill wizards quickly) Enjoy it!

It would be a lot better if you made a longer story mode ,everything else it's ok. ADD MORE CHARACTERS Enjoy it!

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