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So I LOVE IT! and i like what you did with the zombie survival.when i was still playing it back in the days the zombie survival was not here Pretty good

Nice but i need more levels and multiplayer too! i just keeping bored and more gems. Brilliant

Played the original since I was in middle school. I'm 20 years old and still play this game. I enjoy this game as well, but still not as good and the original Omg


I love this game, on almost every phone i had i downloaded this game and good job on the last level on campaign i love the boss i also love the update keep at it wow lol

Would love to see stuff from the second game come to this eventually and customizable units too. But damn good game Superb!

This game is amazing super addicting awesome but it gives you upgrade points even when you are maxed. Works perfectly

Really fun game it would be good if you could customise a class and a few more levels Works great

Try adding cavalary and more level in campaign mode . Other wise it is good ,,should download Great!

It is so awesome you kill the people that are in the tournament and the others are cool too you get 20 or 10 diamonds if to win a round. If I were you i would install it 5 star

I loved it in pc but now i love it on phone as well nit ti mention zombies is fun just wish you got more than 10 gems a win Fabulous!

When this game came out I love it but now you guys add new thing on it what!! I can't stop play... Must have

Absolutely gorgeous game! I love playing it! Just installed it but wow alrdy having hell a lot of fun! I bought something to support you guys Fabulous!

This is the best stick man game i have ever played,, i am not an actor just a gamer and this is a great one! Superb!

A really nice, addictive game. But need more levels. I finished it within a day.... and now playing it over and over again. Enjoy it!

This game is really fun but it needs more levels to the game because it's really short.Or you can make a number 2. Cool

Awesome game, it can be very heavy on wanting you to use gems but they're easily earned through playing and hitting watch ad to earn double, small inconvenience and so long as you aren't annoyed by this it's great, no other ads, brill job. Brilliant

Only issue I have had is a glitch on the No Mans Land level, for some reason the Health bar for the enemy statue won't show up so I can't end the level Surprisingly

I loved the original. I've gotta say though, the part with the wizard dying and the endless mode game over scene is kinda sad. Also i found a glitch, if you go to tournament mode and select an icon you haven't unlocked yet and then go to the main menu. You can go back into tournament mode and you'll have the icon even though you didn't unlock it. Cool

It's great a wonderful remake of the original with more added to it. Also people who liked this consider stick empires its online sequel. Works great

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