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Game is still awesome!!!! love the new endless wave zombies... Its tough and very challenging, glad you decided to add that gameplay! Should still add some more campaign levels, im sure you can think of something :D Not bad

Found a awsome glich i on the crown of immorta if you havent unlocked a avtar click on it then click on main menu this will choose that avtar for that game and its a easy way to gain crowns and unlock the avtars. Plz Dont fix this. Lol Cool

Loved this game on PC and now I can have it on my phone with added content not featured in the first PC version. No reason not to try this out. Hope they add Stick War II to mobile as well! Fabulous!

Super cool big fan but i wish you can fight other people online and add more things to the online world and in campaign i wish there was more levels and more troops and more upgrades this is my opinion on the game and please update more and i wish that you make like 2 or 3 of the game please and thanks for your time. Flawless

As mediocre as it can get. Spam Archers and do not control them manually to win... Always the same when it comes to gameplay and I got bored already within an hour... I'd be totally ok with it but I find the ads too invasive! Every time you complete a level you have to watch an ad that can be minutes long. While there is a skip ad button that unlocks after around 10 seconds, it disappears after a very short amount of time and on top of that it's not very visible. So yea... miss it and you will have to watch potentially many minutes of annoying ads! It's a feature :) Awesome

Okay so it is amazing but could you please make a new campaign also make endless mode were it's like zombies and stickmen soldiers. Like Archer's and spearton love it

Found a awsome glich i on the crown of immorta if you havent unlocked a avtar click on it then click on main menu this will unlock the avtar. I just unlocked the Giant i only have up to archerdon. Plz Dont fix this. Lol Recommend

Really great gameplay. The graphics are awesome, the controls are amazing. Really Addictive game and great time killer. It would be cool if there were more missions in the campaign, otherwise than that !! Cool

Addicting game. At start It's easy but It becomes Quick impossible, unless indeed you buy some gems. So It gave me some frustrations but too quickly. Sorry for my notation, Because really It's good work dudes! Works perfectly

Brilliant game kept me occupied for hours I loved it! I think what seperates this from the test of the stick man games is that you are able to control one of the warriors or miners and you can move them around or fight when them. Absolutely love it! Wish it was longer as I completed canoeing on hard in 67 minutes, please make more and more upgrades and skill points!! Fantastic game! Fantastic

Hi, I absolutely loved this game even the one at PC, but can you please add Stick Wars 2 or the PvP one. If you add those features I will be very greatful also add the other 2 factions as campaign. This is would be my suggestion to improve the game. Well done!!

This game is so nostalgic and so well made. I remember playing this on PC back in the day, it was such a great time. But now, I get to play a remastered version AND be on the go. The amount of quality and new additions to this game is just stunning. The graphics are simple but satisfying, and the gameplay is more refined than ever. Thank you for bringing us this amazing game. #SPEARTONSROCK! love it

Man, I love this game! I use to play the first computer version, and I'm so happy to see that its on mobile too. Don't listen to people telling you it's too difficult. I can beat pretty much any non-insane level easy peasy. All you need is skill. I have been playing this game for years, almost daily, and it's still not boring at all! Seriously, get it. Man, there is nothing as satisfying as throwing a spear and landing a perfect heads hot on a fleeing enemy! If I were to name anything wrong with this game, I'd say that the tournament gamemode is a bit unfair, since the enemy gets unlimited gems. Also, this game sooo needs multiplayer. My favorite thing about the game is the number of strategic options it gives you, allowing you to win by shear skill, rather than spending money. The micro transactions really aren't a huge deal, I haven't spent a cent on this game and I still love it. Ignore the haters, this game is the best mobile game I've ever played. I could go on and on about this game and how awesome it is and how great the speartons look and how strong 40 archers are, but I'll just say, please, PLEASE try this game! Fabulous!

S really fun but it gets boring after the campaign the campaign is super short and easy it takes like 30 minutes to complete. the regular stick wars are way better . you should still get it though but your going to uninstall it in a hour Go well

Pays homage to the original computer version wonderfully, while also including some new game modes. A tad bit of a battery drainer, but if you loved the original, you'll love this one too. Great job

I LOVE the speartons and how they can throw their spears. And the tournaments are pretty great too. I have this app on all of my devices Pretty good

Considering how old the game actualy is, the microtransactions and ads seem kinda pointless and greedy, but otherwise it stays true to the great source material Recommend

Maxed out stats, there seems to be no way to transfer your save to a new device... Cool

This is a awesome game bur when yoy lose you have to play ir all over again ans i don't like that Superb!

I want to say the game is amazing I love it. I hope you create another one just alike. Maybe different type of warriorsj.Different land. Or stick wars legacy 2. The game is amazing and has alot of potential. Must have

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