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It's a good concept, just a little confusing as some things I think are wrong. Perhaps it's because he game is American and I am British. For example, I wouldn't associate Luck with a dream catcher or a ladybird? I was stuck on that level so had to use a cheat website as I was getting frustrated. Apart from the few things i disagree with, good game! Perfect

It's ok and quite easy, on occasion the images are tricky to decipher what they are. Like one picture - I couldn't work out if it was a lamp, coffee pot or cooker ring. TBH this is a minor complaint and there are a lot of ads: if you CHOOSE to watch them for in game coins. It is what it is - simple puzzler. Works great

The great things about this app are the graphics and the fun background music. The game starts off as an entertaining way to pass time, but quickly becomes boring and kind of annoying. As many other reviewers have mentioned, some rounds turn into a guessing game, and you just have to keep submitting guesses until you find the right one to move onto the next round. That kind of takes the fun out of the game. Works perfectly

A hint told me that if I disagree with the solution then I am an individual :) boy was that accurate. Im struggling to put my mind in the place of the developers at a very early level. I can't for the life of me figure out why a pacifier doesn't have anything to do with a new year. And it kinda went downhill from there for me. Great concept great game! Im just one of those individuals I guess. Good

Initially from the pictures, I thought every symbol had some association with another symbol even though they look completely different, and players were supposed to type the association. However, it turned out to be just clicking symbols associated with a word or phrase, so it wasn't as challenging or mind-bending as I initially wished for it to be. Highly Recommend.

Honestly, I had to look up a guide to figure out the Cat one and I'm embarrassed as heck about that. I try thinking in stereotypes like the name suggests, but this game also requires an oddly high level of ignorance and I've felt like I really had to dumb my answers WAY down. That being said; the game still has charm to it. The art and design are lovely, too. All in all, not a bad bathroom game. wow lol

Fun game! Makes you think, I personally like it because when I can't get something right I have to take a break from it vs. being addicted like most games. Some images are confusing but great art style. Worth a go!

I agree this is a fun game but the pictures can be very confusing. Like for example level 15. Journalist, there's a picture of a person upside down. What is that? It would be helpful if the picture have description. Overall love this game. Works great

Really unique concept. Accurate depictions & commonly accepted stereotypes. fun to play & appropriate for all ages. The only complaint I have is that the images you choose to make the associations aren't always immediately recognizable as the objects that they represent. A little more image detail would easily make this a 5 star game for me. Definitely a fun & worthwhile download. Perfect

Straightforward in the beginning, then it suddenly changes the logic of association so you will use coins to get hints. Either you are only going for the direct connection or not, if you wanted me to connect every vague bubble to the concept, then I could connect the entire selection. Marvelous

Be ready for watch ads to get free coins when stuck! I love the soothing music, the achievements, and gameplay is on point. Good game material! Part 2 Stereotypo? love it

It can be hard to out down once you start. Super fun but still makes you think. I've gotten stuck and frustrated on a few and had to sit my phone down and come back to it later lol Well done!!

The icon styles didn't match completely and I found that distracting. Rules could have been set to keep the aesthetic tighter. Especially the pickle on the fork.. omg who made that fork or that pickle. Come on guys lol Great!

Can someone tell me what does chess has to do with India?? A bunch of arbitrary associations that only the developers of the game understand. I even found some of the stereotypes offensives. Superb!

Lots of fun. Hours of entrainment. Hints cost too much, watching ads aren't worth enough credit. When I'm stuck I've had to go online otherwise this app can get too costly Marvelous

A fun and slightly addictive game. Easy to use and good to play now and then. I would say most are associations but there are a few stereotypes. Nothing Bad to say about this, so I would definitely recommend this to any age Highly Recommend.

It is fun to play at first but it becomes quite frustrating after a while. The hints are about the obvious choices, so not much help, and quite expensive. In the end, the last solution to finish a level is to test every combination of pictures, and when there are 16 of them it gets more tedious than fun. But I guess I just don't have the same mindset as the creators and I can't really get through this game as my "stereotypes" are different from theirs, and it spoils my game experience. Perfect!

This game is great! It's fun, it's challenging but not impossible, and the artwork is absolutely gorgeous! Seriously, I would buy prints! I just wish there were more levels. Are there any updates coming? Highly Recommend.

Really fun and it makes you think outside the box. My only complaint is you can't always see your selection if the circle is red. Really fun though I hope you make more games. Superb!

Some of the pictures there I have associations with so I keep getting stuff wrong because of it like the new years one the pacifier is associated with new years baby. But that's wrong. Not bad

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