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Love it!! I don't care how much money I win, I'm motivated to walk more due to this app. I hate losing money, so that keeps me walking. The app works flawlessly with my Fitbit and it's nice to get encouragement from other players. I recommend 100%. Amazing!

It wont load and im at week 4 of my stepbet challenge, plz fix it i dont wanna lose Perfect

I have not completed my stepbet so far but I've done dietbet before and I really like the company. I'm really enjoying stepbet! Enjoy it!

Perfect if you are like me in that you need a kick in the pants every now and then to stretch yourself just a bit. wow lol

GREAT motivation to get moving. I wish we could interact with other players in a better way other tham comments. Good

I love this app! It motivates me to keep moving. I very seldom write reviews but I read one review and it kind of upset me. The person said he walked 6 weeks and got very little profit. Really? It's a FREE app. and it's for motivation purposes. Plus, without the app or bet you wouldn't win anything. love it

Great app. I have losing money so I do my steps. It's also keeping me on my weight loss program. Marvelous

Love this app! I basically get paid to walk. The winnings aren't much, but it is motivating. Amazing!

I've been loving this app. It's easy to use and it's keeping me accountable with hitting my goals. The community is awesome too! Well done!!

I get way more daily steps when doing a Stepbet. It's almost like getting paid to have a coach pushing me Works great

I really love this. IT makes me more accountable for getting all my steps in. It really makes me go that extra mile Cool

This is such a fun way to just stay focused. Helps me stay motivated and challenges me to do more. Recommend

This app is great! I successfully completed a 6 week bet and got my money back plus $7.50 extra. No problem at all being refunded. Yes, the developers do get a nice profit as they should for a motivating app that's free to join. Wish I would have developed the app! They don't take a profit if everyone completes the bet. Thinking about doing dietbet now. Will for sure do another stepbet in the near future. Go well

Love the motivation to stay active and community support. Syncs well with my Fitbit. Surprisingly

I'm using Samsung s health. It keeps saying not enough activity to set your goals and it has been for three weeks now. How many steps are you looking for? Fantastic

I enjoy this app very much. It goes well with the diet bet app, Keeps you on your toes sort of speak.Very good motivation to get you up and exercising most days.I am now a member and I am in 3 step bets, 3 diet bets and a run bet and enjoy them all. Superb!

I've walked more in three weeks than I have in the previous three months. Tremendous motivator! Not bad

Very motivating! Had to dance in my room in the middle of the night a few times to get to my active goal lol Well done!!

Great motivator to get up and move. This app syncs with your activity app flawless. Great to meet others from around the world who are stepping too. Will definetly do again Great!

I use a fitbit so it looks at my previous activity and sets up your goals according to your history which I thought was so nice! Then it makes me bump up my steps a notch! I just completed my 1st week of 6 and I did alot more than I ever thought i would! It gave me the motivation I needed! Let's do this! Works perfectly

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