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Great game/story My favourite game at the moment. The minigame is much better than that of previous 5 games. The only thing that i would like to see is an option to mute BGM when i want to play this and listen to my own music. Great!

I'm getting a little desperate now, after seeing the end of this part.... I just want to see how all of this will end, and I hope this ends on a good note. A while ago, I was almost at my whits end after seeing streaks of sad endings of shows and particular events. Wasn't great lol. Anyway I am really liking the new minigame you got going here. Not a fan of the ones previously, but the way you created the VNs make it seem like it demanded these minigames. Well, to me anyway. Overall, your VNs are the best ones I've read so far. I really enjoy them! :D Works perfectly

Stellaren hype I love this vn to death! Stellaren is now my #1 fav game rn just everything about it is great the universe the characters ( T is my favorite character out of all of them) and I ship MxK and NxJ tbh well I do kinda ship NxEno too but anyways great vn MSRK and hope you bring out another amazing sequel cuz u really made my day with these games! Omg

....Wow You improved a lot on this part. It's much better than the last one. Right now I really enjoy the battle and I didn't skip them all. It's a lot of easier and fun to play. Really good job. Pretty good

Awesome The first 5 parts were great but I think this is by far the best one. The story gives alot more insight on the enemy and the personal conflicts going on, and the new battle system is soooo much better than the previous one, needless to say im sad but glad the story isnt over yet. Brilliant

OMG! Amazing Improvement~! As usual, for every installment, lots of inprovement. On the art, delivery, sound etc. But this, this is the biggest improvement of all the sequels. The biggest part to note would be the minigame. This one's in not anymore Excrutiatingly difficult and is now enjoyable and playable af. The others would be, the art (Backgrounds & the Minigame) and the UI or whatever you call it, which looks frikin' awesome. Keep up the Great work as always and I will be again, waiting for the next installment. Till next time. Amazing!

Unsung masterpiece Story is engaging, a little peeved that no matter if u win or lose it doesn't change anything, so that could be good or bad. Love the plot, it really sucks you in, the overall story and the romantic. Personally I'd love to see a successful harem. 2 thumbs up man, keep up the good work, can't wait for the sequel. Perfect

So awsome When well be the next one released i waitted for months Go well

This is the best thing on my phone Story is great I like how there is a lack of plot armor. I would suggest you make multiple endings for the series and not just one (basically choice based). Also personal feelings here please stop torturing M and K give them a choice of a happy ending. I think you need to end the series with the next installment and not let it drag too long. With that being said start another series even if you use alphabets as names which is by the way genius. Mini-game/music/visuals/plot are all really good. Muito bom!

WOW! just WOW. I don't have anything more to say about this. The story is great, the visuals are very good, the music is very good too and more importantly the mini game improved a lot and it's so amazing. So far the best visual novel I've ever read/downloaded on android. So 5 star again. Ever since the first sequel I rated this app 5 star always because this is just amazing. I bet all readers of this visual novel are so anxious of what will happen, well so was I. Keep it up MSRK! I will continue to support this app as long as it's free :) Kidding. I would pay to read this one but better to be free for an amazing story like this. Thanks a lot for this amazing sequel guys. Good job as always MSRK! Good

Love Omg please keep writing I love these stories and I want to know the next part do they get cured of the Aug disease??? Fantastic

Great game and plot. Big improvement since the first ones. But in the chapters section dont know which chapter im on Enjoy it!

Please,When will the next one come out??? Sorry for the all caps it's just the first part don't worry. I LOVE ALL OF THE STELLAREN NOVELS PLEASE TELL ME WHEN THE NEXT ONE COULD BE RELEASED. I was amazed by this series nd I have fallen in love with it. Oh,And is Stellaren gonna be having the "Choose your own adventure" Version of the Novels? Because I really wanted to see like alternate stuff like... What if I stayed with X willingly or just to let the others escape? Or what if I liked another girl? And if there is going to be something like that please reply and if not please still reply. Thank you very much MSRK for reading. 5 star

Great job I've played all 6 version of your game and I'm excited for the next one this game really make my day I hope you will update it soon and please! I really like to see X and M getting in an awkward situation . I seriously like K no doubt about that but X is just too hard to resist Highly Recommend.

Finally! A New One Cames.. Many Month's I've Been Waiting, Finally A New One.. I'm Already Excited To Read It Even I Haven't Installed Yet.. Thanks Guys! Thanks MSRK! wow lol

The story was even more amazing!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I can't believe it the story was so awesome it makes me even more happy!!!! This is the best visual novel I have ever read it has a potential so that the readers makes even more happier just like me I have downloaded every single stellarin in my tablet I have seen the ending that R is still alive that just blow my mind! And the creator had added other characters that so cool And I think they're be another stellarin I am really excited for the next stellarin I hope the creator continued the story of stellarin it was so good to read stellarin thank you creator for making stellarin I think this is the best visual novel ever and thank you :) :) Superb!

MOAR I cannot hold in my hype for the future stellaren visual novels!!!>.< Keep up the amazing work XD Not bad

Hope for a long run from MSRK. I been following this game since the first. None ever been a let down. I wish to see allot more from these guys and gals. Keep it up! Awesome

Please make another to continue the story!!! I've finished all the Stellaren series and this one is the most interesting! I think all that have red this must want another one! Must have

This is awesome and cool. I like the story and I want to see the next version. The battles are awesome. I hope you make a separate for that. The battle style is so amazing. I really like where the story is going and I can't wait for the next. I finished this in 5 hours. Its too cool. love it

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