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Weird I use my phone alot, so I keep a spare battery. When changing it out, my Screensaver just turns white with the film dirt only active. I have to Uninstall the app and reinstall for it to work Awesome

Weird I really like the app but I run apex launcher and every time I go into my apex settings, the wallpaper changes themes. Is this intentional? Marvelous

Steampunk Live Absolutely no question that this is another great LWP from ADAM RATANA. Last device i had all of the free versions but my new phone i have actually installed all the paid versions & must say that for the cost of each LWP (well worth the money!) You receive more color's, more choices & heaps of options. Just a tap on the screen will change the color for you. Thank you ADAM for your genius, hard work & your style which is much appreciated. Works great

Good but has small bug that it keeps changing its theam on its own and on sometimes crashess Recommend

Ok, this is by far my favorite live wallpaper. You really nailed it with the dirty film effect. I swear with that effect and the monochrome color gives it that spectacular look. Also the clock is a great add on. :) Muito bom!

Would be nice to be able to change background without changing the skull itself.. Still 5 star's. The settings bug out some times . Can't tell what is selected and what is not.. also wish you could customize the mono chrome just a little .. Still this is the only thing I have ever paid for on Google play.. nice blanking work man love your art.. Perfect!

All Steamppunk wallpapers are great , I really liked the Vodoo Doll , Undead Pharaoh! Not bad

Pretty good like the gothic weird skull love the DROID punk wallpapers great Pretty good

Totally Narley!!! This is sick as f*ck!! I love this clock wallpaper! Great talent, amazing and easy to use layout. Good sh*t bro. Best by far on the market. I paid to upgrade and upgrade it DID. "So easy a caveman could do it"

Best buck fifty I ever spent Graphics are off the chain on my 12.2 Galaxy this is the first android app that makes me smile every time I see it. I want to take my old tablet and hang it on the wall with the clock app running continuously when it is plugged in, any ideas?

Very sexy I really really like it. No ads. Beautiful art. Hoping for even more options in future updates. Super app/live wallpaper. Well done and worth the money.

It is really good and crisp looking even on a big 10.1" tablet Highly recommend it gives you the ability to change the frames per second so you can either have it smooth and flowing or more distorted and laggy looking also , many many other slight customizable details about this live wallpaper aswell like how the gears spin in the corners , gives you the option of wearing these steam punk glasses on the skull , and many other customizations , and the ability to change the wallpaper over to the other skin colors just by double tapping the screen on the wallpaper it will cycle through all the other colors ... and much more ...

Like it but An amazing live wallpaper clock but even set to 10% it drains my battery big time so you only get 3 stars Muito bom!

AWESOME!! I'm a live wallpaper fanatic and I can honestly say this is the most awesome one! I rarely do reviews, but this one deserves a great one. I don't get bombarded with pop ups and ads & it doesnt drain my battery like all the rest have! Its worth the $1.49 becuz of all the other color options. Its badass, highly recommend love it

INFINITELY BEYOND AWESOMENESS! F'G AWESOME DOESN'T DO THIS WALLPAPER JUSTICE! I am a purple obsessed gothic adult that will never grow up! This application was worth every penny! I hope when I start developing applications for play store in the near future, I hope I can design something that attracts ones heart and soul like you have accomplished! You are my inspiration to start developing again! If someone gives you a bad review for design, obviously they are the definition idiot or beyond blind! Go well

Steampunk skull clock Very cool! multiple themes and colors make this live wallpaper fun to use and switch up, NEVER BORING! Worth a go!

Works... but... The menus keep pixelating so you have to reset your phone to see the settings...and after 3 weeks of posting this... nothings fixed Awesome

Cool and wicked. Nice wallpaper my first time buying wallpaper. This one super good. I realy like the green one. Must have

Love the wallpaper Would rate 5, however the settings menu has all of the text blurred, therefor I can't tell what I'm doing :) I do love the look of the clock and gears as a live wallpaper. Fix the settings menu and I will gladly rate 5 stars!. Recommend to download Steampunk Clock Live Wallpaper APK

Two requests Same request as for your other skull, would it be possible to choose a tone at least for the black and white? I'm sure people would love if they could have sepia! Also any chance of being able to choose a zoom out in portrait so that it can look more like landscape?

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