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More like megaman WELL I GUESS THIS GAME IS COOL!!!! And many mega man freaks will like this download this swag thing

NICE, much like megaman This games music, graphics, and game play are all great, and very much like Megaman X. I my self personally have some trouble with it, but that's not the game, it's me. It's one of those types of game, and I like it for that.

The magic of game salad If I am right this game is made from game salad ..just love it .u are a great developer.continue like this u will be rich lol

Looks good so far! It's a little buggy, the soundtrack could be a little better, and the dialogue is missing a handful of commas. I would like to see Play Games integration, achievements, and the like, as well as Lollipop compatibility and dynamic aspect ratio, but that's it. Those things are easily ignored. The artwork is awesome, the characters are cool, and the gameplay is fun. I'm considering buying the full version, a first for a free mobile game for me.

Great Game Game is amazing if you liked mega man x or megaman zero then you'll love this game. Only gripe is I do not understand what some of the masks do.

Nice This is pretty amazing I'm saying controls are annoying and the game play is just well nearly perfect but I can't change that but I think this a amazing little game compared to all the new ones like titan fall and the new call of duty and the new shooters and I love that this 2d shooter is in my 3rd place in shooters! :)

Meh It was almost impossible to play. As soon as i respawn my screen freezes to where the mayor is and the amount of ads is amazing

Love Megaman? love this game! I love the Megaman type gameplay and the story but for my tablet the images are out of place :/

Great game The game game is amazing its the kind of game I would pay for but the controls need to fixed. Just because the controls are out of order doesn't mean it isn't a great game

Thanks!! Thank you for the free download so I can test play it first before buying the full version

GREAT GAME I have been looking for a retro game like this for months!! Not only is THIS A GOOD GAME, but check out the other games by this developer! And no i dont work for these guys or anything like that

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