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Surprised at the quality of this game and how pleasurable it is to play. I am really enjoying it. Great!

It's a great game , but it hangs and won't load. I got to level 80 or close and that's when it hangs and I have to uninstall and start over from level 1, it is still a great game, I enjoy it. Muito bom!

First report. At level 10 or so, now it's asked for a review. Easy. Too easy plus Ads, more than double of the levels have played Perfect

The game is good in the beginning....and not worth playing as you go on playing it is impossible to shoot the marble with complicated maps.....and a very boring game. Not bad

Its a shame that such a great game has such a poor way to handle it's ad content. Everytime I see an ad, my marble cannon seems to freeze (especially while starting a level). Cool

This is a fun and unique bubble game. It's easy to learn and fun. Once you master the basics you'll be flying through the levels. Superb!

Dumb game that is way too easy for the first 200 levels, then becomes really good, and then is impossible to achieve when you get to level 499, which is a really dumb level. The controls are not really good either, most of the time the ball goes wherever it likes around the area you aim at. Brilliant

Have to admit I was doubtful a game with 500 levels would really grab my attention for that long, but here I am at level 326 and still going! Great little time killer with just the right mix of chance and strategy! Well done! Pretty good

I love the sound affects (which I usually hate and turn off with other games ) and the difference between how this is launcher shoots and aims compared with the others. Also it calm and entertaining related to other Zuma games.. I can't wait to play it more. Thank you. Good

I Love the game, please don't make it harder, it's just right. Stage 58 is not working. Surprisingly

This game is awesome. The perks and power up get better as you progress. I see a lot of reviews about this game complaining about. Honestly if you have a day job night job or whatever. This is a quick getaway break. But if all you do is play games all day then yeah! I am would complain too. So all in all Steam Legend doing awesome job with the game. Love love love it lol Works great

Springcomes....what is the point of rewarding gold ....when there is no shop to buy boosters or skills ?....another problem is impossible to activate the boosters....all skills and bombs or whatever it is should be diplayed on board play...not hidden and very hard to activate.....the game is simply great....bombs and mateos were rewarded....but how to activate them? Surprisingly

I play on a tablet and I'm absolutely loving this game right now. Now doubt in my mind; if you like matching games, centipede, and bubble shooter games, you'll find it to be perfect. Enjoy it!

I think over all it plays very well. The fact I couldn't turn to a wider screen was bit disappointing but, great over all. Highly Recommend.

I like this game, because it is very different from any other marble game I have ever played. Muito bom!

This game reminds me much of a game I played when I was younger though this is slightly more complex, well done! Well done!!

This fox or whatever it is, is both creepy and kind of nice, moves its head in a strange way, and ... and EVEN HAS BOOBS. Pretty good

been looking for a zuma luxor type game for my phone that works for me and i really like this one and the different challenges im really enjoying it alot thanks! wow lol

This game is having killer graphics and awesome gameplay....... I'm lovin it dude........ Muito bom!

Love the graphics and the game play. Sometimes it's hard to tell which colour is in the chamber when the booster is lit up. Great background, great motion and play. Fix this and I will rate at 5 stars. Very good so far. Just wow

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