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Nice I hit the alert button by accident and they actually called me. Not right away but it's shows that they monitor the system. Not bad.

Guys it works Just one bit of info only press the panic button when you actually need it. I pressed it thinking that I would be presented with a confirmation screen but there was none. Panic Mode just sends an alert to the cops immediately and I got a phone call in less than one minute after pressing it. If this software solution is properly maintained this is truly a step in the right direction. Great Job! Great App!

Need improvement! Shouldn't this application have a setting that can make me able to change my number, address, next-of-kin details and so on? And when I first activate this application it took over half an hour to get back an response from the police, if there was really an emergency or whatever, I need back an response in no more than 3 minutes.

Does what it says.... This app is very useful, it is quick and very easy to use .I would recommend this app to anyone. Try it. Forget the negative comments

Help Seems to be a great program. I'm however having trouble getting past registration as it won't upload the photo. Address this please......

Good job, Jamaica, we're moving forward. This is a great idea and very proud of its implementation. And it's working! Only advice I have so far is to let people know on first startup, that once you press the panic button that's it. Like many others I sent an accidental false alarm thinking there would be a confirm button or something.

Its a wonderful idea by the Ministry of National Security I just love this app, it makes me feel a bit safer and it makes me feel as if we are going into the right direction regarding crime fighting. And I just love the part where I can read up about the law. Because I didn't know all a those things. And I wouldn't have gone to research the law on my own. I haven't tried out any of the panic stuff on the app as I didn't want to be charged for making a false alert. But from what I have read in the review it actually works.

beautiful concept...but panic alarm may need a little redesigning It's too easy to do a false panic alarm or it needs a confirm feature ... which I thought it had...oops...but got a call immediately from the most sincerely polite officer.

Great app Best idea Jamaicans ever came up with, wish it could work offline tho. Anyway great job

thumbs up i am amazed at how quick the response time was! personnel were pleasant and the service was great. i only wished the app worked offline

A must have app for Jamaicans! Great app backed by a great initiative. However, there needs to be an in-app 'how to" menu. I understand and appreciate the ease of accessing the panic button. But without proper instructions there are bound to be a lot of false panic alerts from first time users. All be it, it's better to know it works now than to have it fail or not know how to use it when you actually need it the most. Thanks and looking forward to seeing the improvements implemented from the user feedback. @DevOpServices approved.

Thumbs up Actually works! Only hope the service continues and is it possible you guys can get one that works offline?

Impressive The Panic Alert response time is awesome. Hope the service level remains and/or gets better.

Jamaica needs this app. This app is perfect for every Jamaican as well as the government. Especially the law feature. Every Jamaican needs to know the law to protect their rights. This is a wonderful app. The interface needs a little work though. Having some navigation and usability challenges.

Stay alert This works, cant believe how well. Think every Jamaican should have this. The panic alert response is amazing, way better than calling 119. Have the laws at your figure tips so you know your rights in any given situation. Overall, excellent initiative.

Actually Work as Said Easily downloaded with a short section that requires you to fill out your information. It's a pretty decent app in my opinion. Direct and little interface which save the trouble from misunderstanding it's useability. I think the panic alert is too easily access and might send out unintended panics. However that's the hold aim of sending a panic - Quick and readily accessible, so won't hold that against the app. A good one...

Nice idea but interface is clunky First it would be a better idea to have all registration done in app, very annoying to have my phone redirect me to a massive registration sheet. Second you need a quick press panic button for the phones home screen no way am i going to be fumbling with my phone while I'm in immediate danger. Thirdly i hope the app also has a silent panic alarm, or the attacker could become enraged knowing you activated it.

Great I mistakenly pressed the the panic button and a police called me to see if I was ok

App is great panic mood woks in seconds only some little fix I think is needed. Like update my profile, panic mood is sensitive so I have to add to app lock in case my 3year old got my phone

Won't activate Mine won't activate, even after I registered and received the code its telling me the code is incorrect, yet I used the code sent in my email box .

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