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For the people out there who have problem with the weather thing.... You gotta give permission to the app to access your location. As for me... The app's AWESOME. I mean it's star wars. What else do you want? Superb!

It's a ok the weather function but always in Alderian plus isn't accurate to my location..needs some work. Must have

Love the jedi training, im slowly developing my skills. One day to hopefully become the master Go well

This is a great app and l really liked it. The thing is when I go to the weather always says I'm on alderaan.I used to live In idaho witch got to 11 degrees and I moved to someplace hot and it still says in on anderaan. I would like to see more veriaty and the weather seems to be off Its 45 degrees right now and it's says 7 degrees and it is in the right area and I do have the newest update and I am connected to the Wi-Fi please fix this Thank you Flawless

Excellent app overall.... One problem tho..... The selfie feature doesn't work.... It zooms the face and displays it with the background therefore only the nose is visible. Please correct this bug.... Everything else is good. Surprisingly

Very good love watching the star wars show but stickers isn't working can you fix that and add a new game or something please Muito bom!

It's got a lot of Star Wars trivia built into it, so that makes it worth right there! I love the weather app and how it will compare the weather/temperature to a planet in the Star Wars universe. The only thing that has disappointed me, is that to unlock certain features, you have to scan the movie posters, which I don't have access to. Marvelous

I think this is a great app that will do its job and keep you updated on all the newest star wars news. Cool

A lot of the functions do not work. The Force trainer was fun, but it doesn't work anymore. And the Stickers cause a fatal error every time. Not bad

Very good love watching the star wars show bit stickers isn't working can you fix that Works perfectly

It's fun it gives everything a cool Star Wars overhaul I have had a lot of fun messing with the selfies feature and now I have a use for my General Mills QR codes. My favorite aspect is the weather. I live in a cold place so it says I am on Hoth. And it would be a good day to stay inside. Haha I agree! Amazing!

I love this app because I am a huge Star Wars fan and this keeps me up to date with all of the lastest Star Wars Movies,Quizzes,and ect....... Omg

I love this app alot cause it tells u the weather but In different planets in starwars! And also u can have fun playing with starwars voices. Marvelous

I love it because it tells you the movie and how many days till it comes out absolutely love it! Perfect

It's simple, easy to use, and provides a great database on all Star Wars related media. Plus, the activities and mini-games are fun to play. Just wow

Hi. It seems that I can't sign up, it says that I'm not eligible to register from the site. I'm from Indonesia, please fix, I want to sign up. Flawless

It's ok. I wish you could use the soundboard section for rigntones or notification sounds Cool

Big star wars fan so I got this phone just for it's exclusive to the phone and love it Perfect

The best star wars app ever. Fun thing is when the degrees, it feels like kashyk hehe. Thanks star wars and disney. Works great

Keeps me apprised of news, connected to content, doesn't do everything but love it. It's Star Wars... Good

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