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Only issue I have is when I go to purchase time portal things the game locks up at hailing Starfleet Surprisingly

A good Trek game is hard to find, a great Trek mobile game is even more difficult to find. This game is engaging and a treat for Trekkers. Enjoy it!

Laggy still, fix it. I've contacted them, you told me it was laggy basically. I know that. Please fix. Surprisingly

Fun and time passes by fast. Trekkies will know n love the concept of the timelines. Perfect!

Fun exciting and addictive! I don't know really go for games with Microtransactions But in spite of the fact that I have spent a couple of bucks this is probably one of the most fun games I've played on my android in a long time and I love star trek so what could be better? Cool

I'm loving the trek experience, my only concern there should be a free to play way to acquire dilithium (even slowly would be good) to encourage further play and buys, just my opinion:) Works great

This game is very long if you intend to "catch them all" and you dont have to pay if you dont want to. (Could take years to complete!) Superb!

I Like the game it's excellent and I definitely recommend it. It has a great story line and you can collect your favourite character from every series of star trek. But on the down side and this is really annoying, if you want to switch accounts you can't and if are able to you can only do it once and won't be able to change back. This can be really annoying. But otherwise the game is great fun. Fabulous!

Don't listen to the haters who say it's Pay for Play and DB is a greedy company. It's bull, no amount of money will get you where time invested into the game will. Oh, and if the game even loads slow for a second DB is likely to send free stuff. If people complain about stuff. So I say keep up the great work! One thing though, I'd be awesome if we could name our starbases. Just a thought. Works perfectly

I'm new to this game, but so far it seems easy to learn and it has brought back memories of some characters I haven't seen in years. I love it for the nostalgia, but the gameplay seems excellent, too. Amazing!

I want a 3rd person Star Trek game this is almost like Farmville type game with no action. wow lol

As the Borg would say... perfection... Love the game!! Would love to see them a bit more in weekly events... Highly Recommend.

It's a fun game. You can progress some without money but buying packs would make easier. They give the option to buy cheap not just expensive packs but I have been doing good and spent no money yet. love it

Engaging,Challenging and a Godsend for Trek Fan's!Live Long,Prosper and Party On Dudes!! Worth a go!

I absolutely love this game! It's concept is (though not entirely unique to Star Trek) cool. I just love the voices for characters and would love more characters to have voices. For the longest time I was a F2P player, and when Events first started I was constantly in the Top 1000 so don't buy into that "You have to pay to win" nonsense. If you do put money into this game make it the $4 Monthly Dilithium Card it is worth it $4 for 3000 Dilithium if you can afford it. Works great

Great collections of star trek universe, but the game screams micro transactions and gambling around every corner. The game gives you a great concept that gets hindered by currency gates. Only play if you want a nostalgic taste of star trek themed free to play game 5 star

Progress stalls unless you spend insulting amounts of money (dilithium prices are absurd) to get better characters. In the early days of the game you could progress easily, but now I feel as more high-paying players have joined they want you to spend money to progress, and their prices really are absurd. The game is fun, but they're greedy. In the events especially, those who pay more get significantly better awards. A bit disappointing for those of us that have supported the game with occasional purchases from the beginning. Perfect

Love everythinggg tho id like to like i want to controle the ship my self manuver it myself open world like eh thats my piont this might change the game and other peoples view/perspective pionts but it would complete my dream of getting the one thing i always love and always will love star trek. Fantastic

Absolutely love this game, it's fun, addictive and I'm a major trekkie so I think it's fantastic Just wow

Great, but you need to buy dilithium to get anywhere quick. The monthly card is best deal! Must have

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