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A great combination of rich graphics and story with a simple interface, yet still challenging enough. Perfect mobile game. Must have

Fun little time waster. The stories don't flow well due to having to grind for equilibrium, but that's rather secondary to the purpose of the ga me. Pretty good

Awesome game but needs more coins to wins so I can upgrade my crews or starships Flawless

Pretty fun... occasional bugs.... the arena is near impossible to complete if you have any sort of life. Omg

Trek match 3 where you can have characters battle based on your moves OR ship to ship battles in Federation/Klingon/Romulan ships or other races... The characters & ships can be built up to stronger versions, the characters can be assigned to the ships to further strengthen the ship. The daily bonus does require 1 win each day to obtain (day 497 here & counting) but they just added gifting with Facebook friends & for those that say you need to spend $$ to advance with coin options; the gifts include coins & Worth a go!

Levels of boredom once into events so repetitive and scaled battles seem to coddled safe guard. No assisting others to develop in the alliances. But friendly enough to while away time. Awesome

Easy or hard / win or lose. Fight or love. Good old jewel but now more than ever. Unbalanced gameplay.... Well done!!

It's awesome I wish they have 7 or 9 the Borg Queen and the Voyager and the captain of the Voyager wow lol

Great match 3 for Trek fans. Graphics and sound are great, cool introductory story line. Interface is a bit slow, going between different areas in the game and back is not as snappy as I'd like. The game play could be sped up a tad also. Way too hard to come by coins in this game which are vital. Really hampers roster progression when you're forced to throw coins away at opening roster slots for new cards, ships, and upgrading them. It's a fun game to spend some time on, or in between time outs from your main mobile game of choice. Works great

Could make it easier to get coins, but other than that great game. Live long and prosper. Go well

It's SOO HARD 2 Get The Gold I Need. Id REALLY like more upagradable ships. Forcing me 2 play far too long 2 accomplish anything is SERIOUSLY starting 2 turn me off of the game, & MOVE ON 2 another...sorry, guys. The Walking Dead No mans land is fun & rewarding. BTW. Surprisingly

I normally don't play match three games, this is exception and I'm glad I downloaded it. Good

Easy or hard / win or lose. Fight or love. Good old jewel but now more than ever. Worth a go!

Fun but frustrating. I try to stategize starship battles and the game does everything in its power to minimize these effects so that the computer will win instead. Very infuriating. Enjoy it!

I don't, play, gem games. But, I love, this one. It's a gem, of a game. Spock and Sulu, have it on their internal viewers. Bones, has had to give them each, a hypo, for their neck strains. Kirk out. Well done!!

I really enjoy the laid back way of playing and also the strategy you can use to make it more challenging. Not bad

Seems pretty fun, but I don't like the pay to play aspect. Fun game otherwise, and scripting actually reads like episodes. Enjoy it!

This is a fun way too spend some time. I like the ability too upgrade and improve your characters. Keep up the good work. Brilliant

Love this game, really want to see other Star Trek series introduced like DS9, Voyager, Enterprise and Discovery. Cool

Cool game to pass the time. Pretty awesome story line to go with it. Great job! Not bad

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