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great game but everytime a new Ad banner is loaded (which is during every run at least once ffs) the game input goes to a massive lag and it loses my current run instantly (as it slices the block 0.5s later). makes the game unplayable at higher scores (70+). Well done!!

Can't Buy Different Blocks? Terrific game but for some reason I just cant buy any of the different blocks im clicking on them and nothing is happening at all. I have 204 diamonds so I should be able to afford them. Will 5* when this is fixed Great!

I, You, and others enjoy the tense feeling when you stack higher and higher. I myself get very frustrated when I get to seven perfects and fail on the eighth. By the way, it takes eight perfect stacks for the blocks to get larger. The more larger they get, the more faster! I recommend this game and gave this a five-star rating. love it

So, basically it's a pretty fun app to play when you're bored. It's a great time killer, and is very challenging, but at the same time easy! It's a perfect app! I remember I downloaded this, and then I uninstalled it because I needed other apps on my phone. And now I installed it again, so then I have a fun game to play. I don't really have any games on my phone, so this is the perfect one. The inventors are genius! Five stars!! Fantastic

Perfect game! This is my ideal game! It's super fun, addictive, and challenging! I love the design of the game. It makes it pretty to look at too. Some games look dull but this has a clean, sleek look! My only problem is I get a lag if I play several rounds in a row. Cool

Unique and Fun I love this app because it is beautifully unique, in the sense that is is simple but very entertaining. You also don't have to pay money to enjoy the whole game (unless you want to remove the ads)! Works perfectly

Dear ketchapp, Most of your games gives you some sort of gift/coins every 1-5 hours. Why doesn't this game give you rewards? PLEASE FIX THIS! OTHER WISE IT'S A PRETTY GOOD GAME Omg

Good, but not Great. It's a decent game and all.. But it truly rots the brain cells. All you do is click the screen each time the box overlaps the other one.. That's it. Atleast, for me, the game seems to be bug-less and runs perfectly well. All in all, I recommend this to those that want a little game on a rainy day. wow lol

Great game, From gameplay to controls it's all just fantastic.. But I would love to see more of a variety of backgrounds and new modes! It would also be great to make some backgrounds extremely detailed.. Not that hard of a game to run, Isn't that bad with low fps (30-40) but below 30 it's going to be excruciating to play with. But great game in general! Surprisingly

I Would Give It Five should make it customizable for the colors you want to cycle through as you stack higher. THIS GAME IS NOT COLOR BLIND FRIENDLY. Great Idea Though, Nice Hand Eye Coordination Exercise. (I see Black and White, so a monochrome setting would be nice. Other people see colors differently as well) Needs A Color Cycle Customizer, or a set of different options for each type of Color Blind. Thanks in advance Muito bom!

It's an amazing addicting game.. 2 minutes in *ALREADY SO ADDICTED* It does not need Wi-Fi network either. When ur bored u can play it and it's fun. Plus if u have hand problems with like a finger u can play this and it would help. Its so good and fun. I play this all day... I play at morning when I wake. I play at lunch. I play at dinner when I'm eating. Its just so fun. Whoever hasn't gotten this u HAVE AND NEED to get it. Muito bom!

I love this game! I am a bit toooooooo addicted...... wait. That's not a thing! Super great, simple game. Wish it hsd a few more patterns, but other than that it's awesome! I lo e doing it when im sitting around bored or waiting for someone <3 Recommend

Truly great. Adds can mess you up given random times of pop up. But one of the most enjoyable basic games I've played in a long time. Best part is you can play this game and set it down mod game. Any time you can set the phone down and it just waits for you to hit the screen to set the brick. So If you work at a desk. You've found your new game. Works great

I would say that you should add more diamonds like 1000 for a stack but earn 100 every other game. Plus I would like to buy dimonds faster. Though I dont know if i have it on my galaxy I dont know if iPhone has this though too either. Please take this into thought. Thank you. I do want to say I love love love ketchup games they are amazing and hope you keep growing. I really love this game its is so awesome! Cool

I think it's a real time killer because of you're bored and don't have any data left, you could play this. It's addictive and fun. It's a really good time killer because for example if you are on a car ride or a long trip on a school bus, you could play this and you'll realize you are already at you destination. I Recommend this game to any people who have road trips or who are just bored. Pretty good

This game is fun and addictive. It makes you feel that even your highest score can be beaten with enough pratice. It has fun and colorful art for the things you stack so you're not always looking at a blank tile the whole time. However the tile customization is random which wouldn't be a problem if it didn't take forever to get to the money needed to get one. Also I've gotten ads while I'm in the middle of the actual game which is frustrating. Muito bom!

Great game! Few suggestions The game is sooo good. Should add some features like leaderboards and online challenges things. And one more thing, you show adds that is okay but sometimes it lands in the middle of the game. That's irritating. Works perfectly

This game comes up short when you can't even see the tiles anymore because the colors have shaded themselves dark. It more of a hazard than a challenge. Try to play inside of a dark room on high brightness or your tower may tumble quickly... Bright environments don't work well at all. Omg

The perfect "burn time" app. It can be played offline (and there's no ads when you're offline) which is nice since I often play on my tablet that I carry around with me. I got it for the simple and colorful design, and stayed for the conquest of beating my high score. Perfect!

Some faults Overall a simple yet addictive game. Too many ads. The game ends and instantly an ad appears and your still hitting the screen so you automatically click an ad. I'm sure advertisers don't want to pay for a click that was purely a mistake. Also the leader board has people on 5000 points. I can't get past 78 after a lot of playing so I can't see 5000 points is scored without a hack. Amazing!

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