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I love everything about this game. But, the only thing that's really annoying is the way there are so many ads! If I lose, there's an ad! And I don't even get a second chance for the game! I know you're allowed to skip the ads, but I just hate the way they randomly pop up out if no where! Plus, it's the same ad over and over again! I LOVE the game it's just that the ads are extremely annoying! I hope you'll get ride of the amount of ads in this game. Otherwise, it would be a great game. Superb!

I love it, it's really fun to play and all the little animals are just too cute! The only fault is all the adds there a just way too many but other than that it's really addictive Well done!!

It's very addictive and fun to play. You'll never get bored playing this. And the different characters are so cute too! But the thing here is that it has many ads. If you can lessen the ads I'm sure a lot of people will live this Great!

I love the idea of this game but for some reason it gets stuck for a split second quite a lot and that means that the app isn't jumping when I want it to. Not sure if it's to do with the ads at all? But very frustrating when it doesn't work the way you expect it to. Lots of potential, just isn't working properly for me. Well done!!

I enjoy this game. But, sometimes the Handling can be a bit of. The graphics are VERY good Enjoy it!

Ok so this game is Pretty fun but it freezes a lot and it messes me up while i'm playing the game and I don't like that and it has to many ads it makes me so mad when it freezes right when i'm gonna beat my high score and that is unapceptable. Please fix this or I will delete this app. Recommend

I love this game but honestly there is a lot of adds and I'm really disappointed about that but I love the little characters because they are so cute!!!! But I do love the vampire character but I do love all of them!!!! Especially the beam stalk part but thank you for reading and taking your time Just wow

WONDERFUL game! Such cute little carictors! Has an ad when you fall off your stack, some times not but mostly. Other then that it's a great game and you should play this game. love it

Game is good but there is a lot of distraction due to score notifications and level up notifications. One can't concentrate on bricks due to lot of things happening at screen. It's okay if ads are coming but it suddenly resumes the game after ad is completed without any notification. Should have a simple UI instead of having a lot of things coming on screen. wow lol

This is a very fun and challenging game but seems to be very buggy it's not even giving me the option for second chance so I can unlock the four characters that require using those second chances please fix this if you can. Must have

The ads are ignoring but it's a cute game n very challenging like Tap Tap Dash Worth it!

It's a great game to pass the time but the adds are kinda annoying but they don't pop up too much but try reduce them cuz it would be even better and maybe ad some new features to it Brilliant

It's so simple and brilliant, get ready for cuteness overload in every run ☺️ The only pet peeve are adds after almost every game, but there's always option of add-free game for a small supporters fee, so it's all good 5/5 Must have

This game is so much fun, it had me occupied for hours. The characters are so cute and the game doesn't end (it just gets even better as you play) I'd recommend it. Highly Recommend.

Too Many Ads. Fix it then maybe ill give 5 stars. And the Premium is a bit expensive. I would understand if it was $1.50 or $2.00 but $2.50? Thats alot Great job

Too addictive playing this game. The characters are too cute. The problem is the ads keep appearing after playing this game. quite distracted Fabulous!

Amazing! the best game ever! I'm really addicted to it. I even completed all the changes. I would be happy if there are more. but even now its good! I also recorded myself playing because I would live to show this game up to the world and give a review. Really enjoy it and think it deserves to be spread out Perfect!

The game was great and fun. It was kinda laggy at some points but nothing too bad. The problem is that it would take a minimum of 3 minutes to load each time I started the app. I'm dissapointed because it had potential. Just wow

Fun game. My 5 yr old and I "battle" eachothrr to see who gets the highwst score. Bought the full version cus ads were annoying, sometimes it glitches during a streak which sucks. But overall super cute and fun Omg

It good because you can Jump high and you can win alot of animal and more they give you a lot of places you can go and play . Keep doing these games they are good . Works great

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